Across Cincinnati, people are finding that Eddie Lane’s Diamond Showroom is the place to go to meet all their jewelry needs. Dan Minella, whose family has enjoyed a business relationship with the company for well over 40 years, says that Eddie Lane has always been an honest, trusted, knowledgeable friend. 

“My wife and I have been married for nearly 38 years, and our wedding rings from Eddie Lane’s are as beautiful now as the day we picked them out with Eddie,” says Minella. Whenever his wife is looking for an upgrade to her stone, he notes, they return to Eddie Lane’s for expert guidance and assistance in selecting the perfect look. 

“We expect the family tradition to continue for years to come since our son (Christiaan) only considered one place for the perfect engagement ring in late August!” says Minella. “We hope he and his fiancé will always have the same wonderful experience with [Eddie’s daughter] Cindy as we had for so many years with Eddie.”  

Christiaan says he was thrilled how Cindy and the staff at Eddie Lane’s went above and beyond in delivering the perfect engagement ring. From early discussions to designing and custom making the piece, Cindy took the time to work with Christiaan in order to build the ring his fiancé had envisioned.

“I felt like family when dealing with Eddie Lane’s,” he recalls. “I believe that to be the biggest aspect that sets Eddie Lane’s apart from the competition. The pride, attention to detail, and sincerity were crystal clear when working with Cindy and her staff. These characteristics are evident in the final product – the most beautiful engagement ring!”

Martha Campbell and her husband were introduced to Eddie Lane by a coworker who had beautiful jewelry and spoke highly of him. Campbell’s husband worked with Eddie to pick out just the right engagement ring for his bride, and later, wedding bands. That was more than 30 years ago. Through the years, they have worked with other jewelers but ultimately always came back to Eddie Lane’s.

They did so when shopping for a gorgeous set of diamond studs for Campbell’s birthday. Though they were lovely, Campbell didn’t wear them often because she found she didn’t like the way they laid on her ears. So, she went back to Eddie Lane’s several years later and Cindy was both helpful and encouraging. 

“She wanted me to love those earrings and was willing to work with me to adjust them,” recalls Campbell, noting how patient and accommodating Cindy was. She let Campbell guide the choice while providing valuable input based on her knowledge and experience. “In the end, we made several small enhancements to the original earring and they are now my ‘go-to’ earrings. I wear them all the time and get lots of compliments.”

Currently, Cindy is working with Campbell as she reworks some old pieces into new choices. Campbell appreciates Cindy and her staff’s honesty, personability and attentiveness. 

“They work with you to find or create the piece that you desire,” says Campbell. “You always get a great product at a terrific price. This is what continues to bring us back.” 

Eddie Lane’s Diamond Showroom is located at 9301 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 513.793.4111 or visit