Three years ago, Jon Reischel and Tommy Brand were searching for a business opportunity that would fit their shared love of sports and desire to help kids. What they found was Redline Athletics, a new national franchise with a fresh approach to youth sports training. They each had kids of their own playing multiple sports, so they knew the problems: scarcity of quality coaches and facilities, high fees and scheduling nightmares. With Redline, they found a solution: a membership model where no appointments are necessary, families pay a competitive monthly fee for unlimited training, and the coaches are all former college and pro athletes who understand the power of exercise science for young players, no matter the sport.

At Redline, members can join a 90-minute small group session at the top of every hour. Each workout includes a dynamic warm-up, speed and agility work, strength training and time for sports-specific skill development. Redline also offers one-on-one coaching across a variety of sports and team training, even birthday parties and a group fundraising program.

“At Redline, we focus on young athletes and give them an environment where they can thrive,” says Reischel, who opened the first Cincinnati area Redline location with Brand in West Chester in May 2018, and just launched the new Loveland location in June 2020. “Whether it’s an athlete trying to make his middle school team or a high school player trying to land a college scholarship, we can customize a program for every athlete in every sport and ability level.”

Geared to athletes ages 8 to 18, Redline members come from every sport, including the most popular ones like baseball, softball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball, but also cricket, gymnastics and even synchronized swimming.

“The Redline program really delivers for most young athletes because in all of those sports you need core strength, agility, mobility, as well as a focus on injury prevention and recovery. That’s what our program entails,” explains Brand.

Brand and Reischel have hired a stellar team of coaches, all with degrees in exercise science, kinesiology or related fields, and all of them played at the college and/or professional levels.

“More than the degrees and playing experience, though, our coaches are excellent with young athletes,” says Reischel. “They know how to motivate them and create an encouraging and fun environment while still getting them to work hard.”

Redline offers all young athletes a free trial and a free Fusionetics evaluation, an effective tool used by hundreds of college and professional teams to decrease injury, optimize performance and enhance recovery.

“Every athlete gets a customized workout program built just for them, which factors in injury history, age, sports played and ongoing tracking of results and progress,” says Brand. “We emphasize discipline, but we know every athlete is different. We’re trying to build strength and speed to develop better athletes, but we’re also trying to build confidence and determination to develop better people. That’s why our families love coming here.”

Redline Athletics is located at 9149 Cincinnati-Columbus Road, West Chester, OH 45069 and 10606 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland, OH 45140. For more information or to schedule a Free Trial, visit or call 513.428.2199.