Originally opening in 1989 as a lighting store in Hyde Park Square, Voltage has grown to become the leading tri-state supplier of high end, contemporary, European furniture, lighting and accessories.  Their latest project offers a glimpse into their design philosophy – providing clients with the best in craftsmanship and innovation to create spaces that withstand the test of time. The home, which is rated LEED Platinum, was completed by Voltage designer Susan Lewandowski.  

During several brainstorming and selection meetings at the Voltage showroom, Lewandowski was able to determine which design and lifestyle features were most important to the client.  She assisted with designing several areas of the home, including the staircase railing, as well as customizing his-and-her closets, and planning an open-concept third floor that included a kitchen, bar and outdoor terrace on each level. 

“The homeowners involved us from the very beginning of construction. This collaboration between homeowner, builder and designer helped create a stunning degree of continuity throughout the three floors of space,” Lewandowski says. “It’s very rewarding to see your ideas and suggestions come to life.  The client wanted a completely integrated, contemporary space, and I believe that is what we were able to achieve by using our European manufacturers for furniture, lighting, kitchen and outdoor spaces.”

The third floor features a completely open floor plan with spectacular views of the Ohio River.  The kitchen, designed by Lewandowski and manufactured by Poliform, has become the home’s entertaining space. The kitchen was designed not only to be functional for cooking, but also for entertaining.  The sleek wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling look makes the cabinets feel built in and helps anchor the space, whereas the 12-foot island, with warm walnut snack top, invites you to sit and relax. It also doubles as a great serving area when entertaining.

With not much yard but a fabulous view of downtown Cincinnati, the porches needed to be a place to enjoy the great outdoors. “Each level features a small porch with complimentary furniture on each level, harkening back to the idea of continuity,” says Lewandowski.  The entire fourth floor consists of patio space with both a covered area with seating up to 10 for dining, and a large uncovered lounge area for large parties or intimate evenings in front of the fire.

The Voltage Furniture showroom is located at 3209 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209. For more information call 513.871.5483 or visit www.voltagefurniture.com.