“People want more out of their patio furniture,” says Watson’s Vice President of Purchasing Ken Tedrick, who oversees one of the largest outdoor furniture selections in the nation.

That’s where the fire pit comes in.

Fire pits are a simple way to extend the Midwest summer into fall, so you and your family can enjoy as much time outside as possible.

They’re also the perfect focal point in your outdoor design all year long and a gathering place for conversation, dinner or happy hour on the patio.

“We see more and more people who set up a fire pit, then surround it with deep-seated chairs and a sofa,” Tedrick says. “Then you can eat in comfort and then just sink back into the cushions and relax for the evening.”

Introducing more options in 2020

Designers love fire pits because of their ambiance and versatility.

Choose from a selection of fire pit styles — from a coffee table to a high dining table with bar stools to a standalone fire pit. You can easily tuck one into the corner of a patio, or you can stage chairs around a fire pit so your friends can face each other for an interactive experience.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can even customize your fire pit and choose the color, surface and filling.

Tedrick’s prediction for the most exciting fire pit development of 2020? The functional fire pit.

An all-new collection of functional fire pits from Plank & Hide, now on display at Watson’s, features a patented tabletop that slides or butterflies open seamlessly to reveal a stainless-steel burner.

With that simple slide, you’re ready to heat things up. In just seconds, close the top to protect it from the elements or create additional surface area.

Bonus: Ditch the lid that you set on top of your fire pit.

Watson’s has one of the largest selections of fire pits in the nation, making it easier than ever to find the exact fire pit for your budget, your design taste and your lifestyle.

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