Creating Memorable Spaces

Since 1991, Tilsley Architects has strived to excel in every detail of architecture and build relationships by providing clients strong design solutions. The firm pools the unique experiences and technical insights of their entire creative team to offer inspiring design solutions. Tilsley Architects is a diverse group of professionals who contribute unique skills, talents and insights to every project. 

“Respect for what each person brings to a project fuels collaboration. We also respect the integrity of our field — our responsibility to our clients’ and the community to provide sustainable, enduring design solutions. We know our work will impact people, neighborhoods and communities for decades ahead. That’s why we treat every project as our only one, committing our best work,” says Greg Tilsley, owner. 

Tilsley knows that great projects are contingent on close collaboration with their clients, so they work hard to understand the wants, needs and desires of their clients before putting pen to paper. Only after they have fully immersed themselves into the factors that influence the design do they attempt to artistically interpret them. The result is a graceful and lasting work of architecture that provides immense joy and inspiration to its inhabitants.        

Tilsley’s buildings capture the contemporary spirit of our times, yet follow classic architectural principles of scale, proportion and composition, allowing the projects to make connections to our cultural past while capturing the creative attitudes of our age. 

With a focus on a humanistic modern approach, the firm’s designs use a combination of materials in careful and restrained ways so that the resulting designs have a harmonious look that aligns with their design approach.  It is their goal to make projects that transcend styles and strive for an enduring character.

“We believe that architecture is not a product of happenstance but is inspired by other works. The way in which one generation puts to use forms and symbols of the past is essential, not only to the art but to the continuation of a language capable of conveying and maintaining meanings across time,” says Tilsley. “What gives architecture its vigor is the capacity of individuals to interpret and transform the language in order to restate and express new ideas in a compelling way. Architecture as a whole is an ongoing narrative, and architectural style is an expressive and poetic component of this narrative. This narrative is what we continue to study and participate in so that each design continues to explore new ideas.”

Regardless of the scale or scope of a project, the Tilsley Architects team strives to foster a collaborative partnership with each client, working together by relying on open communication. Tilsley believes communication and collaboration are cornerstones of any successful design. It’s why the team starts by listening, to understand the client’s needs, wants and values. With creativity, innovation, and an emphasis on sustainable green design, they help define a client’s vision. They look for opportunities and potential beyond what is obvious, transforming vision into an insightful design that achieves the client’s goals. 

Success is also in the details. That’s why the project team follows a comprehensive process, planning, managing and documenting details every step of the way. From hand sketches to 3D modeling, they study the details of pattern, texture, scale, color, light and materials for your project. Collaboration and communication — with the client, architects, designers and construction team — headline that process to deliver each design solution on time and on budget.

Tilsley Architects is located at 1140 Saint Gregory St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.651.4300 or visit