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St. Elizabeth Healthcare partners with Mayfield Brain & Spine, the region’s largest independent neurosurgical physician group, to offer in-depth stroke and brain tumor services in Northern Kentucky. As part of the expanded clinical partnership, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, St. Elizabeth Physicians and Mayfield are dedicated to working together to improve the care of adult brain and spine patients.

“Our vision at St. Elizabeth Healthcare is to lead Northern Kentucky to be one of the healthiest communities in America. To continue to bring that vision to life, we are partnering with one of the national leaders in neurosurgical care,” says Tony Hyott, assistant vice president of Orthopaedics, Neurosciences and Administrative Affairs at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. “With our current infrastructure, resources and facility, we are fully prepared to work with Mayfield. We’re proud that we will bring more comprehensive neuroscience care to Northern Kentucky.”

Steven Bailey, M.D., a neurosurgeon of Mayfield Brain & Spine, is helping to lead the partnership with St. Elizabeth. Dr. Bailey performs surgeries at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood, Kentucky. His practice focuses on the Northern Kentucky market, where he has been practicing for the entirety of his career since he finished training in 2003. One of Dr. Bailey’s specialties is the treatment of spine-related conditions, offering a full spectrum of care through minimally invasive neurosurgery, the advanced technology of the Mazor X guidance system, as well as non-surgical treatments. With 13 years of experience, Dr. Bailey offers his expertise to the community by hosting monthly trainings for surgeons in the community and contributing to the field through extensive research.

“Neurosurgery is an exciting field because we get to treat a wide variety of conditions.” Dr. Bailey notes. “We see everything from sciatica due to a herniated disc, which we can quickly treat, to rare conditions where patients have been trying to find a diagnosis and treatment for a year,” Dr. Bailey notes. “I enjoy getting to help both types of patients and bringing relief to their conditions.”

He sees many patients who are aware of the advances in surgical solutions, treatments which have evolved over time to be more minimally invasive and require less hospitalization and recovery. With that said, Dr. Bailey emphasizes the importance of proper preparation for surgery. Stopping smoking and ensuring health conditions such as diabetes are well-managed, for example, are critical to the success of a surgery, he points out. Likewise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-op will aid in the healing and recovery process. These proactive steps help increase the likelihood that symptoms will improve. Yet, some patients may still experience surgical discomfort and a lesser degree of residual symptoms or even adjacent segment disease (ASD). With that in mind, Dr. Bailey strives to set realistic expectations with patients for their post-op recovery outcomes.

“I work together with my patients to ensure they are aware of the steps needed to ensure their surgery is as successful as possible,” he says. “With the improvements in technology and the evolution of techniques, we have made tremendous strides in the treatment and health of patients with spine disease. Such progress enables our treatment to be that much more effective.” 

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