Alto Design

Through the years, ALTO DESIGN’s Andrew Schaub, Director of Architecture, and Prisbet Yanes, Director of Interior Design, have witnessed a paradigm shift in how people are living in their homes.

“These days, our clients are global. They’re traveling internationally, spending time experiencing the world,” says Schaub. Which is not to say they’re downsizing. In fact, they’re building larger homes that provide viable gathering spaces to host family and friends upon their return. 

And yet people don’t want to fret about maintenance. What they do want is to easily utilize the home. In other words, comfort and convenience trump glitz and glamour.

“People want to truly enjoy their home,” says Yanes, noting that the sentiment is summed up nicely by the Italian saying, “la dolce vita,” which translates to “the sweet life.”

Focused on providing our clients with a holistic design approach, Schaub and Yanes work with their clients by developing the architecture and interiors simultaneously, providing the client with an inside and out vision. 

To further the continuum of the design process, ALTO DESIGN offers their clients architect-led design/build services. This process ensures a clients’ design vision is upheld through every phase of a project. 

Presently located in Pendleton, ALTO DESIGN is at the center of a very vital community. Drawing from the city’s energy and passion, ALTO DESIGN is looking forward to its future home in Findlay Market, the state’s oldest continuously operated public market, located north of Liberty in historic Over-the-Rhine. With a projected move-in date of May 2020, they’ll be situated on the corner of Race and Elder above NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens.

The story of the historical building is perfectly suited for a design firm because after the entire back brick wall collapsed, Greg Badger, owner of 100 W. Elder, decided to rebuild in a different way. The decision came one day when he and Jim Tarbell, vice mayor of the city, were standing on the third floor of the building looking out the back.

“Jim said, ‘What a great view,’ and I said, ‘Of course! There’s nothing to obstruct it,’” recalls Badger. “That was the conversation that got me thinking about rebuilding with a glass wall instead of reconstructing the old masonry wall.”

Schaub describes Findlay Market as a great tapestry of urban life. 

“We’re excited to move into Findlay Market, a progressive area of Cincinnati with a great future,” he says.

Whether a project is a kitchen remodel, a whole house renovation or an entirely new home, we first ask questions about our clients’ lives. We enjoy getting to know our clients,” says Yanes. “Once we understand who they are, we can guide them into a space that’s more in keeping not with the life they have but with the life they want.

ALTO DESIGN is located at 1100 Sycamore St, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, visit