The Architecture of  Modern Italian Living

The art of less is more


Having grown up in Verona, Italy, NOLI owner Agostino Fede has always been invested in history, authenticity and territory.

“My family home and [family kitchen manufacturing company, MAISTRI] are both in Verona,” says Fede. “The design sensibility, the history of the company, the materials – they all told me a story that I wanted to share with my friends in the United States.”

Thus, in 2018, Fede opened NOLI, located adjacent to Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine, just north of Liberty Street.

“At NOLI, kitchen design is both collaborative and iterative,” says Fede. “We work directly with you or your design team to help create your stunning modern Italian kitchen. We communicate with builders, architects, interior designers and tradespeople to design, install and service your kitchen.”

Those formally trained architects and designers with decades of experience include Andrew Schaub, Director of Architecture; and Prisbet Yanes, Director of Interior Design at Alto Design, an architecture-led design studio that brings people together through communal spaces and experiences.

“The combination of the craft and formal training of architecture and design can often feel elusive, exclusive and complicated,” says Schaub. “At Alto Design, we aim to overcome that barrier by finding and investing in the latest trends, materials and processes so that we stay on the forefront of our craft.”

Specializing in high-end residential home renovations and new builds, Alto Design focuses on defining the clients’ vision through both architectural and interior design principles to ensure the highest quality and detailed translation from paper to project.

“Alto Design is approachable yet refined,” says Schaub. “Aspirational yet accessible.”

Yanes notes, “At Alto Design we are always in pursuit of balance and beauty in all aspects of the design process, from concept through construction.”

Having studied and lived in Genoa, Italy, Yanes appreciates the juxtaposition of the historic and modern design principles of both architecture and interior design. Yanes and Schaub have found such juxtaposition with NOLI, which offers cabinets and solid surfaces from MAISTRI and Minotti Cucine.

NOLI helps create the modern Italian, open living centerpiece that is the kitchen by incorporating clean square lines, horizontal features, slab doors, purposeful angularity and integrated appliances.

“It’s all about visual minimalism and high functionality,” says Fede, who maintains that a NOLI kitchen is far more than an exquisitely designed modern Italian masterpiece.

“It’s the center of life’s daily celebrations and simple pleasures,” he says. “At NOLI, we design kitchens around our clients, for how they cook, live and entertain. A NOLI kitchen is a canvas – a masterwork of form and function, of materials, color and movement, of aroma and sound.”

Schaub and Yanes pride themselves on their insatiable curiosity and rigorous dedication to detail.

“Alto Design pushes to innovate, interpret and reinvent our clients’ most sacred spaces,” says Schaub. “The kitchen is the starting point of such reinvention. And NOLI allows us to do exactly that.” 


NOLI is located at 100 W. Elder St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, email, call 513.331.1548 or visit


Alto Design is located at 1100 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.236.1035 or visit