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In financial planning, we are projecting forward a range of plausible future outcomes and then trying to improve upon them. This involves goal setting, fact gathering, and plenty of Monte Carlo simulations. Here are some of the milestones we look for along the way.

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In a year that has seen huge stock market swings, economic forecasts whiplashed by up-and-down trade war news, and threats of recession spurred by inverted bond yield curves, Beshear Financial and Northwestern Mutual recently stepped up to keep their clients informed and assured. 

Since 1951, Episcopal Retirement Services has improved the lives of older adults through innovative, quality senior living communities and through community services to older adults. The maintenance-free lifestyle of an Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) community offers residents the freedom and flexibility to pursue their interests. For many residents, pursuing new passions means finding opportunities to benefit the well-being of others — in both their residential community and the community at large. 

There is a lot of talk in the news about retiring early, and there is even a whole movement focused on retiring early called FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early).  Before I get into why I think retirement needs to be re-thought, it is worth looking at the history of retirement and how 65 became the established age as a societal norm in the first place.

As a partner in the Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation practice group at Thompson Hine LLP, David Whaley assists private and public companies and nonprofit organizations with all areas of employee benefits, including design, implementation and compliance in connection with tax qualified and nonqualified deferred compensation and health and welfare arrangements, as well as employee fringe benefits.

Originally opening in 1989 as a lighting store in Hyde Park Square, Voltage has grown to become the leading tri-state supplier of high end, contemporary, European furniture, lighting and accessories.  Their latest project offers a glimpse into their design philosophy – providing clients with the best in craftsmanship and innovation to create spaces that withstand the test of time. The home, which is rated LEED Platinum, was completed by Voltage designer Susan Lewandowski.  

Stepping into the wine room in the home of Renee and Patrick McCall is like experiencing a virtual trip around the world. There is a rich German collection, Rome varietals, some impressive California wines, New Mexico wines with a French heritage, and a few from Virginia as well. And that is just the wine.

The Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’s 2019 Fall Collection is even more expansive, thanks to long-standing partnerships with Moore & Giles, a world-renowned leather company, and Sunbrella, a leader in indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams now offers 16 new leathers – eight of the company’s high-performance leathers and eight from the Moore & Giles Monte Blanc Collection of vibrant colors.

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Adults suffering simultaneously from one or more mental health conditions and, at the same time, independently of an additional mental health disorder or addiction may very well benefit from psychiatric evaluation, cognitive therapy, medication adjustments, compliance support, detoxification, or 

treatment initiation to prepare for the next level of help. But struggles with mental health and addiction issues can be so complex that typical acute inpatient and outpatient treatment options often can’t get to the root of the issues. Read more

Sometimes it’s amazing to consider just what a difference bricks and mortar, steel and glass will let you accomplish. In the case of the new St. Elizabeth Cancer Center, the six-story, $130 million building will be ground zero for the fight against what Northern Kentucky doctors call “a scourge on our population.” Read more



It’s a mix of tried-and-true pocket door technology and splashy hi-tech, digital displays. Customers will find it interactive, inspiring and informative. Pella has come up with a way to reinvent the window and door showroom. 

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