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Stephen Hahn, CAO at NECCO, talks with Taylor Gorning of RoundTower about the changes to foster care due to the pandemic.  They discuss how technology is being used for online adoptions and how telehealth is being utilized for foster care visits.  

This year marks Advanced Technology Consulting’s (ATC) 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, ATC has grown from a small local operation to a thriving firm offering full IT support for many large-scale local and global corporations. The scope of their work continues to grow nationally and internationally.

Most SMBs and nearly all large enterprises need a CRM system. The problem is that not all of these companies are aware of the best and most cost-effective options out there. Open-source software is community-based, collaborative software. Users have the ability to modify the source code of t…

The COVID-19 situation is fluid and evolving rapidly. By the time this article is printed, things could be better or they could be worse, but I thought it would be helpful to reflect on this situation from two perspectives. The first perspective is, what are we learning from this situation about our lives? The second perspective is, what are the principles that drive investment decisions in tough times?