CIO Executive Meetings & Interviews

Comspark will be meeting and interviewing CIOs and senior level IT executives in each city. This very limited opportunity is only offered once a year. If you are a senior executive and would like to participate, your interview and story will appear in ComSpark Magazine or Please let us know if you are interested.

Comspark Regional Technology Conferences – CIO Executive Summit

Innovation Tech Summit is a world-class experience designed for the person with a passion for tech and innovation. The goal is simple: to help you grow as a professional, provide opportu­nities to meet and learn from industry leaders, and celebrate how innovation and technology are impacting our world.

CIO Executive Community Gatherings

The Executive Community is a gathering at regional dinners where C-level executives can experience community, inspiration, and learning. LEARN MORE

CIO - Comspark Magazines Top Tech Executive & Best Vendor Party

Comspark Magazine will highlight the leading C-level executives and celebrate the best vendors of 2020, chosen by CIOs.