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Data Breach at the University of Vermont Health Network

A Few SpaceX Investors Allegedly Suspect That Elon Musk is Using Their Money for the Boring Company

Twitter Has Reportedly Solved the Problem that Could Have Exposed User Country Codes

Japanese Startup, Groove X, Unveils Caring Companion Robot

Switzerland Shares that Apple Promises to Repair Disruptions to Rival Payment App

Huawei to Disburse $2B In a Span of 5 Years For Cybersecurity Push

Kroger is Set to Utilize Autonomous Vehicle for Delivery in Arizona

Israeli PM’s Son Banned from Facebook for 24 Hours

Twitter Warns People About “Unusual Activity” from Saudi Arabi and China

US Appeals Court Dismisses Apple FaceTIme Car Crash Case

Ford Innovates Noise-Cancelling Kennel to Protect Dogs from Fireworks

Facebook Sees its Facebook Watch Feature as Key for Future Growth

UK Tech Company Collapses to Admin

Veteran Tech Journalist, Walt Mossberg, Gives Up On Facebook

Moglix Raises $23 Million With Goal to Digitize the Manufacturing Supply Chain in India

Highly Anticipated Video Game Sequel Has Been Leaked and Fans Are Infuriated

Looks Like Google Pulled the Plug on Its Chinese Censored Search Engine

New Type of Malware Pulls Instructions from Code Hidden in Twitter Memes

Human Error Caused the Kiwi Delivery Robot to Catch Fire

Top 5 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today – Monday December 17, 2018

Happy Holidays from Facebook: Messenger Now Has a Boomerang Feature and Some Fresh New AR Stickers

Australia’s Cybersecurity Game Plan Needs More Than Mere Funding

Biotech Startup, Kineta ,Signs a $505M Cancer-killing Deal with Pfizer

NASA Determines the Precise Landing Point of Its Newly Launched Mars Insight Lander

Apple Decides to update iPhone in China to Avoid Ban

Apple To Produce Snoopy and Peanuts Content

The Return of the PewDiePie Printer Hackers

Cyberstalkers Still utilize Doppelganger Accounts

Google Concurs to Not Selling Facial Recognition Tech

Is the “Russia Problem” the “Global Cybercrime Problem”?

South Korea Might Have Found the Key to Avoiding Voice Phishing

Premier SIS Malware Shakes the Global Security Community

Huge Data Breach at Brazilian IT Firm, Tivit

What’s in the Stars for Cybersecurity in 2019?

The Newest Threats in Cyberspace Are Malware and Weaponized Memes

Looks Like Amazon Wants to Curb Selling Non-profitable Items Like Snacks

Facial Recognition Trial in London

Delivery Robot on Fire…Literally

Woman Sues Apple Due to iPhone “Notch”

BMW’s Ride-Hailing Service is Now Available in China

Say Goodbye to Google’s Allo Messaging App For Good

Twitch Opens New HQ in San Francisco and It’s a Haven for Gamers

Strike at Amazon Warehouses Called By German Union

Finnish Startup, Meeshkan, Raises 360K Euro for Its ChatOps Bot

Beware of Clickbait

Sony Puts an Augmented Reality Twist Into The SpiderVerse Movie

Upcoming Google Campus In NYC Worth $1 Billion

Colin Kroll, Co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia, Found Dead of Presumed Overdose

Read In Case You Want To Delete Your Facebook, But Want To Keep Your Photos and Friends

Facebook Privacy Scandal Alert: Private Pictures of Millions of Users Unwittingly Shared with 1,500 Apps

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