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Hyundai to Launch Car Plant in Indonesia to Build Electric Vehicles

Human Error at Amazon Let Alexa User to Eavesdrop on Another Home

Huawei Calls On Various Governments To Show Proof of Security Risk

Food Delivery Startup Company, Swiggy, Raises $1 Billion

Relive the “Home Alone” Feels All Over Again with Macaulay Culkin’s New Google Assistant Ad

Nucleus Innovates AR Glasses to Upgrade Worker Safety and Efficiency

Researchers Just Invented an AI Robot That Assists with Childbirth

Facebook Admits That They Gave Spotify and Netflix Access to Users’ Private Messages

Top 5 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today – Wednesday December 19, 2018

SpaceX Eyes a $500M Funding Round

Email Security Systems Overlook 17K Threats

Cybersecurity Failures Cause Threat of Deadly Missile Attacks

Prospective Data Breach After Travel agency Employee Loses Hard Disk

Bonnie Ross or Microsoft and 343 Industries to Be Inducted Into the AIAS Hall of Fame

Tumblr Revamps Rules

Yet Another Senior Tesla Engineer Has Crossed Over to the Apple Side

UK Incubator Wants to Hear Your Aging-Related Startup Ideas

Microsoft to Release Windows Sandbox for Running Apps in Isolation

Payment Credentials Compromised of More Than 50% of South African Shoppers

Tinder Fired its VP of Communications and Several Other Employees Who Participated in a Lawsuit Against the Dating App’s Owners

Apple ID Phishing Attack Masks Itself As App Store Receipts

Researchers Alert Hola VPN Users of Weak Encryption and IP Address Leaks

NASA Suffers Radical Data Breach Impacting the Employees’ Personal Info

New Malware Designed for SEO Injections Takes Aim at WordPress Websites

U.S. Agency Speeds Up Reviews of Autonomous Car Petitions

Former NASA Engineer Innovates an Explosive Glitter Bomb Aimed at Shocking Parcel Thieves and Dedicates It to Kevin from Home Alone

5,850 Individuals Affected by Malware Attack at BJC

Senior Director of Tesla Leaves to Work for Airbnb

It’s Impossible to Avoid Being Tracked on Facebook for Advertising Purposes

Use Coinbase to Convert Cryptocurrency Into Another

Trump Accuses Twitter of Tampering with his Followers Due to Political Bias

What is the Future of Authentication?

German Security Office Alerted German Companies Regarding Chinese Hacker Attacks

Uber to Continue Autonomous Vehicle Testing Following Fatal Accident Months Ago

Elon Musk Presents His First Los Angeles Tunnel

Huawei, Intel, Vodafone Included in List of Companies to Form Blockchain Industry Group

AT&T to Activate 5G Access for Its New Mobile Hotspot Within the Week

Facebook Defends Itself Amid User Data Access Controversy

Columbus Wins Smart City Challenge and $10 Million Grant

In 2016, Columbus beat out 77 cities to win the U.S. Department of Transportation, Smart City Challenge. The award included a $40 million-dollar grant for projects focused on regional transportation improvements using existing and emerging technologies. Added to the USDOT grant was a $10 million-dollar Paul G. Allen grant for projects to accelerate transition to an electronic transportation system and reduce greenhouse gases.

University of Cincinnati professor, Renee Seward has Launched App to Address Literacy Challenges

Top 5 Things in Tech You Need To Know Today – Tuesday December 18, 2018

$100M Series E Investment Score for Seismic

Incognito Hacker Hijacked IoT Security Camera to Advise User Regarding Security Risks

Computer Chip Weaknesses Could Result in Failures in Modern Electronics

US Nuclear Arsenal Has Been Operating Sans Credible Cybersecurity Measures

Why Does Email Phishing Endure?

New Machine Learning Algorithm Cracks CAPTCHAs Effortlessly

Czech Cyber Watchdog Says Huawei and ZTE Products Are Security Threats

Does Garda Cybercrime Strategy Need an Update?

Jenkins Servers Exposed to Cyberattackers

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