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Cuba Finally Get to Enjoy 3G Internet, But Is It Too Pricey?

Instagram’s Latest Glitch Just Broke the Internet

WhatsApp and the Indian Government Meet Over the Tracking of Fake News

Amazon Aims for Airports for Their Checkout-free Store Expansion

Trailing Behind FB and IG, Google Takes a Shot at Cleaning Up its Messaging System

Yandex, a Russian Technology Giant, Launches First Smartphone

Top 5 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today – Thursday (December 6, 2018)

Microsoft AI Executive Joins Compass to Spearhead Engineering Efforts

Amazon’s Alexa Can Get a Vibe for Your Music Taste Just By Talking to You

British and Japanese Mobile Services Hit by Ericcson Software Glitch

Does the White House Facial Recognition Pilot Invade Privacy?

Japan’s Cryptocurrency Regulation Works, But You Don’t Always Need Cryptocurrency to Launder Money…

This Company Will Use the Blockchain to Fend Off Phishing

Hive is Raising a Gigantic Army…To Build AI-Training Datasets

France to Tax Tech Giants Next Year, Unless the EU Decides to Step Up

Did Facebook Offer Advertisers Special Access to Users’ Data?

Lyft Files for IPO

3D Photos, Soon a Reality with Huawei’s Next Phone

New Rule: Minimum Wage for Uber and Lyft Drivers in New York

Facebook Bans the Selling of Admin Rights for Community Groups

Microsoft Opens Up a New Market

U.S. Fund Managers Fed Up with Facebook

O2 Mobile Network Hit by Data Problems

China Demands Release of Huawei Exec being Held in Canada

Google’s Wing Delivery Drones On the Way to Europe

Huawei CFO Arrest Causes Trade Fears in China

Netflix Competitor, iFlix, Launches $5 Million Search for New Filmmakers in Asia

See What Music Was Streamed This Year with Spotify’s 2018 Wrapped Feature

Cybersecurity Adviser to Trump Does Not Understand the Internet

According to an Analyst, Facebook Has Made Too Many Adversaries

Which Chat App is Google Shutting Down?

Canada Arrests Huawei CFO

Top 5 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today – Wednesday December 5, 2018

Tesla’s Factory Production is Reportedly 30% Below the Original Target

Security Startup Pindrop, Raises $90M for Voice-Fraud Prevention

Users of Microsoft 365 Have Been Exploited by a New Malware Variant

New Strain of Ransomware in China Attacks Nearly 20,000 Windows PCs

50,000 Executives Are on the Hit List of This Phishing Scam Group

US Republicans Suffer from Data Breach During the 2018 Midterm Election. Thousands of Sensitive E-mails Stolen

Uber Eats Test Gives Ranking Boosts to Restaurants In Exchange for Discounts

Pillsy Launches a Subscription Service That Works With Smart Pill Bottles

BioHackers Want to “Hack” Their Biology in Oder to Function Better

Does Google Personalize Search Results Even When You’re in Incognito Mode?

New Satellite Launched by India Is a First Step in Providing Rural Areas with Swifter Internet

Binance Showcases Its Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Twitter Releases its Year-End Recap

Television Host’s Identity Stolen By Bitcoin Scammers

This AI Has the Ability to Predict Telegram Pump-and-Dump Schemes with Almost Perfect Accuracy

EU Ministers Unsuccessful in Breaking Digital Tax Deadlock

Alibaba and Belgium Sign Agreement for e-Commerce Trade Hub

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