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Possible Twitter Account Hijacking Due to The WordPress Leak of Access Tokens

The Robot That Brings You Snacks and Beer While At Home

Huawei Steals Tech Secrets Which Leads to a Criminal Case Distributed by the US

Microsoft and Walgreens Team Up to Battle Against Amazon for Digital Health Corners

Sony Invents A Mirrorless Camera With A Selfie Screen for YouTube Stars

Real Pets Are Out, Robo-Pups Are In

Dangerous and Harmful Pranks Being Banned by YouTube

Butterfly Network Invents Ultrasound Scanning Through An iPhone

New VR Phone Screens May Bring An End to Smartphones

The First Wall Outlet Charging Station for Tesla Designed

Apple Works With Verizon Wireless on FREE Apple Music

Political Ad Checks Coming Soon to Facebook

Millions of Call Logs and SMS Text Messages Exposed

Alexa Voice Remote Added to Fire TV Stick

Bitcoin Scammers Spoof BBC News Website

Facial Recognition Struggles to Determine Ethnic Differences

Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart TVs and Now Smart Shoes?

Hyundai’s Four-Legged Car Is Not What We Imagined for The Future

Mercedes-Benz Displays Tech Advances on Automobiles at the Consumer Electric Show

Smartsheet and Slope Work Together to Help Companies Manage the Creative Project Production Process

The Tech Industry Indulging in A Bad Habit As They Continue to Work on 8K TVs

Man Takes Photo of Driverless Car That Then Ruins His Camera Lens by A Laser

A Car Dashboard With Information, Directions and Points of Interest in Hologram Form

How The Smart Phone Application TikTok, Took Over the Internet This Year

NBCUniversal Planning a Free Streaming Service and Executive Shuffle

A Personalized Voice Assistant Launches Through Pandora on iOS and Android Devices

Airline Passenger Records Changed by Hackers Through Amadeus’ Booking System

$300M to Be Invested in Local News by Facebook

Qualcomm Refuses to Supply Chips for the New iPhone Due to Shady Business Practices

Peer-to-Peer Trading In The World of Cryptocurrency Thanks to Bittrex

Concerns Arise that Al the Robot Will Take Over the World

Boxy’s macOS Is Known As the Sexier Version of Gmail

Spain Uses Blockchain Tech to Push Renewable Energy

Cincinnati’s Best Tech Startups of 2019

Guidelines for Underwater Drones Being Planned in Japan

CES 2019 Inspires Technology to Help Elders Remain Independent, Mentally Fit and Connected

ManuSec Thought-Leadership Conference for IT & OT Security Leaders Scheduled to Take Place February 7th - 8th in Munich, Germany

$5 Million Raised After Iceland Founded Authenteq, An Automatic Identity Verification Platform

Fake Streams from Tidal Music Streaming Under Criminal Investigation

Millions Raised for Northern Technology Push

The Battle of Google vs. Amazon Continues: Dozens of New Products Produced That Require Use of Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Three New iPhone’s Projected to Release In Fall 2019

Thanks to a Hardcoded Password, EVLink Car Charging Stations Can Be Easily Hacked

Cadillac Competes Against Tesla by Announcing Their First Electric Vehicle to be A Crossover

Salesforce App Designed to Keep Us Shopping by Using Al-Fueled API’s

Mind Mapping Made Easy by Using WriteMapper 2 Software

New Cryptocurrency Laws Set to Impose Harsh New ICO 10-Year Jail Sentence

The Cyber Criminals of Bitcoin Collect $3.7M In the Course of 5 Months

Jon Husted Will Lead New InnovateOhio Office

Facebook Employing More Fact-Checkers to Combat Fake News

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Thought Leaders

RSM's Rapid Assessment Model to Improve...

Jefferson County Public Schools Discusses...

Professional Assistance In Technology, With A Focus On The Human Being

CIO of Louisville Gas and Electric Discusses Security Threats and Fueling Innovation Efforts - ComSpark Podcast

M1 Abrams Tank or Milk Truck

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Staying Connected to the Columbus Community

Mobile Device & Data Consumption is Exploding but Budgets Don't Have To

VP of Client Solutions for Pillar Technology Discusses Industry 4.0 and Collaboration in the Midwest - ComSpark Podcast

Global Care from Ohio to Oregon to Texas

Central Ohio Tech Power Players 2018 Event Gallery 2

Celebrating Mile Markers on the Road to Success, Sustainable Innovation

Central Ohio Tech Power Players 2018 Event Gallery 1

Angelo Mazzocco Tackles Hi-Tech Trials and Threats

ComSpark Podcast - The CIO of Central Ohio Primary Care - Central Ohio Tech Power Player Honoree

Transforming Clients Through Top Talent, Technology

ComSpark Podcast - CIO for State of Ohio - Ohio Attorney General - Central Ohio Tech Power Player Honoree

Rapid Innovation Through Collaboration

Editorial Board Letter

Jeff Wilkins: The Father of the Commercialization of the Internet

ComSpark Podcast - Associate VP - IT Strategy & Innovation for Nationwide - Central Ohio Tech Power Player Honoree

ComSpark Podcast - VP of Information Systems for Licking Memorial Health Systems - Central Ohio Tech Power Player Honoree

Why Purchasing Refurbished IT hardware Can Be Good for Business

ComSpark Podcast - VP and CIO for The Ohio State University - Central Ohio Tech Power Player Honoree

ComSpark Podcast - CIO for Worthington Industries - Central Ohio Tech Power Player Honoree

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comSpark Innovation Tech Midwest Summit Promotional Video 2018

comSpark Innovation Tech Summit

Added: 2018-02-23

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Host Committee

Stacey Browning


Steve Brunker

LSI Industries

Jude Schramm

Fifth Third Bank

John Kellington

Senior VP and CIO
The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Jason Skidmore


Sarah Trimble-Oliver

Cincinnati Public Schools

David Goodwin

Managing Partner

Nelson Vincent

VP of Information Technology and CIO

Chandra Venkataramani