About Us

ComSpark.tech’s mission is to celebrate the people and innovations driving the growing tech community. As the community’s online home and information hub, we strive to: 

  • Champion the value of community for people with a passion for technology and innovation, giving them an online stage where they can share ideas and foster inspiration. 
  • Serve as the primary daily news source and voice for the tech and innovation sector throughout the business week, offering an online newsletter subscription for additional pertinent information.
  • Celebrate success and accomplishment and promote personal growth and development by highlighting thought leaders, employee promotions, product roll outs and positive news about the tech and Innovation community.
  • Enhance networking and relationships through special ongoing networking events, leadership award programs and other community recognitions, fostering a deeper sense of esprit de corps.
  • Provide the primary tool to mobilize tech enthusiasts with continuing updates pertaining to the annual two-day comSpark Tech and Innovation Summit, which celebrates the technology revolution and champions the tech and innovation ecosystem.


ComSpark.tech is a media property of LEADTribune Media Group, a privately held company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.