comSpark and ATC Present one of the Corporate Tech and Innovation Awards Honorees: Paycor

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2018 Corp Tech and Innovation Honoree‚Äč



Mick Fusco

LEAD Tribune Media Group

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Hello and welcome to the comSpark podcast, where you will get to meet today's technology thought leaders.

Mick Fusco: We're here today with Ryan Bergstrom, who is the chief product officer for Paycor. My name is Mick Fusco. I'm with LEAD Tribune Media Group and I'll be your moderator today. Let's get started. Ryan, how you doing today?

Ryan Bergstrom: Doing Great. Glad to be with you.

MF: Can you tell me about the culture of Paycor that promotes and incentivizes innovation with technology?

RB:  You know, I think culture is kind of the secret sauce here at Paycor. It's what attracted me when I first joined the organization. As I was learning about Paycor and one of the things I've found is we have nine core guiding principles and among them our commitment to taking care of our clients first attacking each day with enthusiasm, and always growing and improving personally and professionally. But kind of the guiding one for me is do the right thing. And I think when that, when you take those things into how they help us with innovation is it really gives everyone on the Paycor team a sense of empowerment to go after. And do the right thing and not just always be stuck in kind of the same way of doing things. So, it really frees up our team members to attack new problems and sometimes even the problems we've been facing for years with new ways, with creativity, and to find the best way to help our customers out.

MF: It seems like you would have to have people that have that characteristic about wanting to solve problems. So how does your organization attracted, retain your top tech talent?

RB: That's a great question. In today's market, it's definitely a challenge everywhere we do business. I think one is we stay focused on always keeping our tech stacks on the latest and greatest technology. You don't want to be working on technology that's 15 years old if you're out there trying to attract the latest and greatest tech technology talent; though it is again kind of back to that empowerment. We want them to take that tech stack and come up with new ways to use it or potentially even propose other ways of bringing in different technology. We do things like innovation programs where a couple times a year, our entire product and engineering teams get better part of a week to tackle problems, whether those are human capital management related or even just internal problems like, hey, it would be a lot easier if we could take some time and build some new tool that would help us troubleshoot problems or understand our customer data better. Those are followed up with competitions and awards and we like to put as many of those into use and into production as possible. So, we not only kind of create time for it in the day to day, but also set aside time every year for our people to focus on innovation.

MF: Given that, what would be the one quality you think is most important in an individual to come to work for you and Paycor?

RB: That's a tough one. I think curiosity is really important. I want people who are curious to really understand the problems we're trying to solve for our customers to get to know our customers and then who are curious and enabled to go out and think of new ways to solve those problems.

MF: Can you tell me about a current innovation that you working on with Paycor?

RB: Absolutely. We have a focus on driving employee engagement for our customers, but one of the ways we're trying to do that that we think is a little bit different is going after really driving engagement through the leaders of organization. So, the managers, the administrators and other leaders within an organization are often the ones who have the most ability to impact employee engagement because they're the ones who are working with the employees day in and day out. They're the most important relationship any employee has at an organization. So, we've really been starting to think about how can we use some kind of new existing technologies, if you will, like mobile and all new ways to help managers and employees have much more interactive experiences throughout their lives as well as even going into helping to drive engagement through all new ways of coming up with how we can offer payroll to people. You may think of payroll is just the direct deposit that shows up in your account every week, but it's a spot that's really starting to change and as that labor market gets more competitive like we were talking about before, giving our customers flexibility to go after candidates with all kinds of new ways of offering compensation to people is a really big challenge for us that we're starting to tackle. And at the end of the day drives towards that engagement initiative I was talking about and gives leaders the power they need to go after the right people.

MF: Well thank you for your time, Ryan. I’m Mick Fusco and we have been talking to Ryan Bergstrom. To learn more about us, visit Good-bye until next time.