Working For the Weekend?


EDIS Group cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship, employee support and fun in the competitive world of corporate recruiting.

As a veteran of the recruiting industry, Ed Anderson knew exactly how he wanted to create his dream firm when he launched EDIS Group in 2015. He wanted it to reflect his fun, upbeat nature – a unique task in an industry not exactly known for rollicking good times.


“The name EDIS was a joke,” Anderson said. “It started as a group text name – Every Day is Saturday.”

When it was time to name the new firm, the group suggested that he run with it.

“Man, you’ve got to go with that,” Anderson remembers them saying. “I just didn’t know how it would play in the business world.”

Quite well, so far. Every day is Saturday – or EDIS Group – celebrated its third anniversary July 1, and sales were up 50 percent in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, Anderson said. The firm targets four sectors: engineering and manufacturing, IT, accounting and finance, and human resources.

Anderson, who worked for 15 years at a small boutique firm and five years with a global corporation before starting EDIS Group, stresses that the firm’s success comes from the organization’s team-oriented values and mission. The team celebrates all accomplishments and milestones, from birthdays and anniversaries to top recruiting months. Even a bad month is worth recognizing, he said, as the group will go out to dinner to celebrate the fact they got through it.

“The culture here promotes healthy competition but extensive team support,” said Diane Verzella, senior recruiter for engineering/manufacturing. “We celebrate each other’s successes and mourn each other’s losses. It is what team work was designed to be.”

Work-life balance is also emphasized, and Anderson said employees can take whatever time they need for vacations and rest, along with time to participate in community service initiatives. Trust is imperative, as employees recognize when it’s important to take a break and when they’re needed in the office to help the company meet its goals. And those goals focus on quality over quantity.

“I want to be more focused on the people we serve,” Anderson said. “We sell what a lot of other recruiting firms sell, but I would rather have fewer clients with a deeply committed relationship versus a larger clientele base.”

“We have a real opportunity to improve our client’s competitive advantage and the lives of the candidates we place with them,” said Ben Bachman, senior recruiter for engineering/manufacturing. “We do this by embodying our motto: Simply great recruiting. Period.”

While Anderson said the multi-billion dollar world of recruiting “isn’t brain surgery,” it is complicated. The workplace can be tense as all strive to maintain high standards and deliver results in an “action-packed” environment. But Anderson doesn’t want to be an owner who makes it more difficult for his employees to reach those goals – he wants them to have an equity stake in the company and consider EDIS as their long-term home.

“Ed has created a culture of entrepreneurialism,” said Verzella, the company’s recruiter of the year for 2017. “There is guidance and metrics for those who are new, but no limits for success once you are established. I always say I work for myself but sit in Ed’s office. For me, this is exactly what I have been looking for.”

“Our work is not just about filling jobs,” said Bachman, the company’s recruiter of the year for 2016. “It’s about solving real problems and producing quality work that solidifies us as the ‘go-to’ firm when our current or potential clients need a strategic role filled.”

When they’re not working, EDIS Group employees are infusing their workplace with that weekend-oriented atmosphere. Besides off-site dinners and meetups, the office break room offers corn hole sets, a dartboard and a basketball hoop. A chili cook-off was among the team-building activities that took place during the summer, and Anderson also recounts how one week was particularly difficult. So. after a morning meeting he had a line drawn in the bullpen and over 50 small, Nerf balls where the group competed in a dodge ball game. The team loved it.

It’s like every day is Saturday. Employees will see that EDIS Group means it.

“I can’t say enough good things about Ed,” said Alea Clark, executive recruiter for engineering. “He has helped  me become a better version of myself, both personally and professionally. You won’t find a better person to work for out there.”



EDIS Group is located at 4000 Smith Rd., Suite 325, Cincinnati, OH 45209. For more information, call 513.386.7211 or visit