What's Next-Gen in Their World?

10 IT Tech Firms to Watch | Part 3 of 5

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We are spotlighting 10 Greater Cincinnati IT Tech Firms to Watch, including an outlook from each on NEXT-GEN technologies and solutions in their world. In our world at Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC), we see NEXT-GEN technologies quickly re-shaping the telecom and IT landscape. Here are a few NEXT-GEN technologies we are watching and implementing on behalf of our clients.


Global Business Solutions (GBS)

Gaby Batshoun, President

916 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41071

859.491.5900 | www.gbs-inc.com



Global Business Solutions (GBS) is a one-stop shop, paving a path to the cloud by working unassisted or with a client’s internal IT staff to calculate storage, compute and bandwidth requirements. But security is GBS’ primary focus, offering an array of services that include multifactor authentication, encryption solutions, auditing practices and data retention policies. There’s no cookie-cutter data integrity – GBS personalizes every solution provided. That’s the GBS path to the cloud now and NEXT-GEN, working with people and for people to bring passion and excellence to clients’ businesses.

Instead of juggling multiple technology providers, GBS makes sure clients end up with one complete solution. Additionally, by taking advantage of the shift toward the cloud, GBS helps customers realize a more efficient use of resources per dollar spent.

“We understand not only cloud security and IT, but also telephony, audio-video, and physical security. We understand the integration between all the technologies,” says Gaby Batshoun. “Where most companies specialize in one area, we have expertise in many different areas and we know how to integrate all these technologies into one to give our clients a complete package that satisfies their technology and business needs.”




Chris Stuttler, Senior Director of Operations

302 West Third Street, Suite 400, Cincinnati, OH 45202

513.361.0800 | www.immedion.com



As cloud adoption continues to grow, enterprise-class organizations are seeking NEXT-GEN cloud solutions that are easy to use, yet secure, flexible and performance-guaranteed. Recognizing the need for more control and easier cloud infrastructure management, Immedion’s cloud allows administrators to provide business unit segregation and management, security control and a resource-usage module from a single interface. NEXT-GEN cloud solutions must also allow for virtual machines and applications to be seamlessly migrated, without the need to rebuild or modify the current running configurations. Greater efficiency in resource management, seamless migrations, and performance guarantees mean IT departments can focus on adding business value rather than managing their cloud infrastructure.

“We’re a lot more than just a typical cloud provider. We offer in-depth support and guidance for our customers. We blend on-site, hands-on support with a full MSP practice surrounding our cloud offering,” says Chris Stuttler. “We’re that trusted IT vendor organizations need to manage the entire process to get them to the cloud and then manage those systems that remain on-site, and manage the customer base so they have access and can function within the cloud applications. We have many customers for whom we manage a blend of services both on-site and in the cloud.”

Additionally, enterprise organizations look to the cloud for simplified disaster recovery solutions to meet compliance requirements with no additional overhead. The Immedion Recovery Cloud provides industry-leading recovery point and recovery time objectives from a simplified, fully managed disaster recovery suite. Cloud-based DR makes failover testing easy so customers can rest easy knowing their DR solution will work when they need it most.