This Is Where You Want Your IT Operation For the Zombie Apocalypse

Pictured from left to right: Sophia Cecardo, service delivery manager; David Lynch, cloud systems administrator; and Shane Vallance, cloud systems administrator

Photography by Catie Viox


Compass is CenterGrid’s premier cloud service offering. It is secure, elastic and highly configurable. Beyond that, Compass resides locally in Hamilton, Ohio, at a state-of-the-art Tier III data center, independent of the national power grid.


That’s impressive, but what really distinguishes Compass are the people who provide the customer care and services around the offering. Leading that team is president and CEO Dan Molina, with 20 years of experience at the forefront of cloud and virtualization technology at Accenture. Dan brings a passion for raising the technology profile in companies throughout the region by encouraging sharing and collaboration. Recently joining Dan and CenterGrid is chief technology officer Kevin Westendorf, who has had leading roles at both Accenture and VMware.

Compass has evolved at CenterGrid from their years of experience hosting the IT operations of current and past companies that make up the Vora Group, a privately owned, technology holding company, growing to 50+ current clients outside of the Vora Group.

Compass’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering is robust, scalable and able to serve the needs of large enterprise organizations. Compass includes VMware NSX™ for unparalleled cloud security. The Compass cloud model however, is aimed at middle-market companies that have the same needs and can derive the same benefits as large companies, but do not have the resources to overcome the complexity of getting to the cloud or getting applications up and running properly. To address this issue, CenterGrid Compass is offered with a full range of “white glove” services. Robust capacity and capability are provided with the guidance to make transition to cloud-hosted services safe and efficient.

CenterGrid Compass provides the expertise around virtualization, storage, security, operations and process to provide or augment a client’s resources. Personal attention is available through subject matter experts and live 24/7/365 help desk services.

The professionals at CenterGrid are there to monitor infrastructure systems, manage server and networking equipment and coordinate data protection. Cybersecurity experts provide comprehensive security audits, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and continuous network monitoring with alert management through its “always there” Security Operations Center.


CenterGrid is located at 101 Knightsbridge Drive, Hamilton, OH 45011. For more information, call 513.712.1212, email or visit