Serving the Community - Joseph Waldman, IT Director in the City of Fairfield


Joseph Waldman

IT Director | City of Fairfield


Joseph Waldmann, IT director for the city of Fairfield, believes fully that the mission of his organization is to serve the public and the businesses that are located in the city. The biggest contribution that the IT division makes is to enable city employees to serve those people. “Because we are a city government, our sole purpose is to serve the community,” he says.

The use of mobile technology has helped Waldmann and his team provide immeasurably more accurate data, but the key is that it is in real time. For instance, if a meter reader is out in the field working and using the same software that the utility billing staff is using, then any citizen requiring assistance endures no delay in receiving the services necessary to address their needs. The citizens are simply served better when the answers to their questions are immediately at hand, even if that information was recorded only moments before. This kind of technology is proving helpful to the employees and to the citizens in Fairfield.

When asked about the strength he sees in the region’s IT organizations, Waldmann says the biggest strength is the collaborative efforts of the IT groups; the willingness of other IT people to share their knowledge. The groups in this region have been extremely open and forthcoming with their experience. This is unprecedented in most areas of IT.

Also unprecedented is the retention rate of the city employees, which speaks highly of the city. In addition, with the proximity of the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University and the University of Dayton, the well of talent and knowledge has been deep.

Cybersecurity is job number two for Waldmann. “Job number one,” he says, “is keeping the little green lights on. To accomplish job number one, I have to assure job number two – security is considered every moment. It is not something you think about every day, it is something you think about every second.” The city of Fairfield has all measures and procedures in place for protection and recovery.

Waldmann says the way the city manager and the assistant city manager work with IT is like nothing he has seen before. “Our city management is empowering us and enabling us to provide technology that has never been used before by the city. I feel very fortunate to work for a place where I am afforded the opportunity and I am encouraged to do for the staff what needs to be done in order to best serve its citizens and businesses.”