Rising Tech Stars 2016

Part 4 of 4


The Rising Stars Award honors IT professionals that are on the fast track to becoming the future technology leaders in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Duane Thompson | Director IT Delivery | First Transit

At First Transit, our technology focus is on creating robust, secure cloud-based applications to enhance business process for mobility services. Operating in an environment where our worldwide customers have different systems and platforms, it’s important that we provide timely data and access for our employees and partners to keep our passengers moving.









Andrew Waugh | IT Systems Analyst  | Calvary Industries, Inc.

I see access to real-time data and automation as an important trend. The ability to access data on varying devices and react quickly provides a competitive edge to manufacturers. Automated systems that help manage quality assurance and maximize process efficiency also provide an advantage. The technology in both of these areas is only getting better.









Michelle Wenning | IT Director | AAA Club Alliance   

I find that agile software development will continue to grow and become more relevant for all types of IT projects. My team also focuses on the integration of our project management system with our IT service management tool and works to improve collaboration with that tool. I continue to focus on hiring project managers who are highly emotionally intelligent; that has become key to our success. These three trends will move us forward into 2017 and beyond. 





Vernon Wilson | IT Services Manager | Storopack

One of the most exciting trends I’m seeing are simplified, device-agnostic collaboration tools. We’ve had access to proprietary, one-trick ponies for some time. However, seamlessly mating the different brand-named technologies in the past has been an enigma. Recent offerings have shown participating in a video conference or screen share can be accomplished with the download of a mobile application or browser extension. If the solution is complicated or unreliable, then end users will not adopt it. Collaboration without borders is a strategic advantage for all companies.





Keith Winchester | IT Manager | Cincinnati Reds

The acceptance of technology in sports entertainment is rapidly growing and continuing to have a positive impact, from the use of data analytics to having mobile devices providing near real-time data at managers’ and coaches’ fingertips. The continued innovation, utilization and optimization of our technological resources will not only help players to get better, but it will continue to bring new and exciting experiences to the fans.