Providing Students Access to Technological Tools - Chris Lockhart, Director of Technology at Princeton City Schools


Chris Lockhart

Director of Technology | Princeton City Schools


Chris Lockhart has promoted and directed the deployment of technology in regional school systems for the last 25 years. Lockhart is guided by his belief that “Public school education in America is one of the greatest things we have going for us. Education is an equalizer. The ability to educate youth that will one day be adults in our society and have them realize their potential is something we, as a nation should be really proud of and protect.”

The mission of the technology organization in the Princeton City Schools is to provide students access to technological tools that will enable them to thrive as productive life-long learners and citizens of integrity. Lockhart stresses that this includes preparation for a college career and for life success.

Princeton has addressed the financial and resource challenges of deploying technology by mindfully combining outsourcing and insourcing strategies. Princeton’s Microsoft server infrastructure administration and maintenance is locally outsourced. The school district is also a participant in the Southwest Ohio Computer Association (SWOCA), one of 18 Information Technology Centers (ITCs) in the state that provide processing services and support to more than 900 school districts. The ITC provides centralized network and internet connectivity services for its members. Princeton’s help desk and desktop support services are performed by district staff that can establish relations with students and staff.

Lockhart cites two recent major accomplishments. He has successfully centralized data and systems throughout the district, eliminating redundant, competing sources of information. He has established gatekeepers – non-IT district staff – most appropriately responsible for data and how it is used. He has also built upon a Scripps Howard-funded mobile book project, equipping the district bus with wireless internet access, Chromebooks and Google VR Expedition Kits for virtual school trips.