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Peer-to-Peer Trading In The World of Cryptocurrency Thanks to Bittrex

Concerns Arise that Al the Robot Will Take Over the World

Boxy’s macOS Is Known As the Sexier Version of Gmail

Spain Uses Blockchain Tech to Push Renewable Energy

Cincinnati’s Best Tech Startups of 2019

Guidelines for Underwater Drones Being Planned in Japan

CES 2019 Inspires Technology to Help Elders Remain Independent, Mentally Fit and Connected

ManuSec Thought-Leadership Conference for IT & OT Security Leaders Scheduled to Take Place February 7th - 8th in Munich, Germany

$5 Million Raised After Iceland Founded Authenteq, An Automatic Identity Verification Platform

Fake Streams from Tidal Music Streaming Under Criminal Investigation

Millions Raised for Northern Technology Push

The Battle of Google vs. Amazon Continues: Dozens of New Products Produced That Require Use of Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Three New iPhone’s Projected to Release In Fall 2019

Thanks to a Hardcoded Password, EVLink Car Charging Stations Can Be Easily Hacked

Cadillac Competes Against Tesla by Announcing Their First Electric Vehicle to be A Crossover

Salesforce App Designed to Keep Us Shopping by Using Al-Fueled API’s

Mind Mapping Made Easy by Using WriteMapper 2 Software

New Cryptocurrency Laws Set to Impose Harsh New ICO 10-Year Jail Sentence

The Cyber Criminals of Bitcoin Collect $3.7M In the Course of 5 Months

Jon Husted Will Lead New InnovateOhio Office

Facebook Employing More Fact-Checkers to Combat Fake News

India Announces Plans to Send Manned Mission to Space by 2021

New App Helps Victims of Throat Cancer to Speak Again - In Their Own Voice

Ressence's New Solar-Powered Watch Announces April Release and Price Tag

Google Executives Battle Continued Sexual Harassment Woes

SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket Today for First Orbital Mission of 2019 for the US

Report Finds That Smart Home Security System, Ring, Exposes Private Files to Employees

China Releases Revolutionary Photos From Rover on the Moon's Far Side

Government Shutdown Leaves Dozens of Websites With Expired Security Certificates

Huawei Employee Arrested in Poland for "Espionage Activities"

Unsecured Database Exposes Personal Info of 202 Million in China

TechCrunch and AntiToxin Technologies Discover Microsoft's Bing Has Been Displaying Child Pornography

SenseTime, the World’s Highest-Valued AI Startup, Opens Self-Driving Facility in Japan

New York City Economic Development Corporation, FuturePerfect Labs and GBBC Labs Open New Blockchain Center in NYC

Open-Source Video Player, VLC, Has Reached 3 Billion Downloads at CES 2019

Uber Services Now Across All of Ohio

Borror Introduces "Smart Apartment" Technology in Columbus

Radio Bursts From Space?

Hubble Telescope Struggling With Hardware Glitches

Tesla Stops Selling Cheaper Model S and Model X

Xiaomi's New Phone Will Have 48 MP Dual AI Camera

Is Facebook ALWAYS Tracking Us?

New Experimental App May Be Able to Spot Overdoses

Twitter Announces Plan for User Beta Program

Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Foldable Phones Coming in February

Smartphones Impacting Rx-to-OTC Drug Changes

Battle Between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant at CES 2019

US and China Strain Impacting the Tech Market

Oregon Senator Proposes Bill Forcing Tech Companies to Have a "Do Not Track" Option

OneLogin Announces $100M Investment into New Markets