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Sony Speeds up Factory with Tiny $35 Computers

Verizon Users May Have Trouble Texting on East Coast Right Now

Investment App Stash Raises Funding to Expand Business

Google Paid Former Exec $35 Million After Harassment Claim

Quuu’s Offers $39 Pro Plan for Automated Content Marketing

Tim Berners-Lee Calls for Fight Against Misuse of Information on Internet

Apple to Unveil Streaming Device March 25

MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium Partners With ComSpark to Create Chief Data Officer Magazine in 2019

On the Road to Cashless, But Don’t Ditch Your Cash Yet

Android Q Beta Coming to More Smartphones

Tesla Plans to Raise Prices and Hold Off Closing Stores

Robotic Surgery For Cancer Patients but No Evidence It’s Better

‘Public Interest Technology’ Pushed by Top Universities

Xbox One to Possibly Produce All-Digital Media Only Device

Playstation 4 Now Allows Use of iOS Devices as Display, Control Device

Tweet-reporting is Now More Comprehensive

Huawei-US Tensions Span Globe

Protests Arise Over Bill to Route Internet Through Russian Servers

Latest Version of Skype for Web is Now Live

NVIDIA to Buy Mellanox, Supercomputer Chipmaker, for $6.9B

Misconfigured Box Accounts Cause Dozens of Companies to Leak Sensitive Data

Technology to be the Next Big Government Debate

Update Google Now Due to Critical Vulnerabilities in Chrome and Windows 7

Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses Could Hit the Shelves in 2020

Vtrus Raised Cash to Develop Drone for Indoor Inspections of Industrial Facilities

Knock, a CRM and Communications Service for Apartment Landlords, Receives Funding

Foursquare Turns Down Acquisition and Makes it to 10 Year Anniversary

Stop Your Smartphone From Tracking You

Elizabeth Warren Wants Facebook, Google and Amazon Broken Up

YouTube Begins New Fact-Check Feature

Facebook Cracks Down on Vaccine Misinformation

SpaceX Crew Ship Completes Historic Flight

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Now Available

Okta Will Acquire Azuqua, a Workflow Automation Startup

Safe & The City, an App for Women’s Safety, Launches Today

Salesforce Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Japan’s SoftBank Group Launches $5 Billion Fund to Invest in Latin American Technology

Amazon Invests in Jargon, a Voice Development Startup Company

Corsair Develops K83 Wireless Keyboard With Joystick and Trackpad

WellSaid Develops Lifelike Voice to Compete with Siri, Alexa

Bird Expands Its Bird Platform Program to Local Operators Who Want to Start Scooter Business

China's Huawei Challenges US Law That Limits Its American Sales of Telecom Equipment

Facebook Automatically Receives Data From Several Popular Apps Including Yelp

Democrats Unveil Their “Save the Internet Act”

eToro, the Social Investing and Trading Platform, set to Launch in the US

Motif and Goldman Sachs Launch New Technology-Driven Indices to Power ETFs

Facebook to Become Privacy Friendly?

Google Introduces Rewarded Products for Android Developers

Some Male Workers Paid Less Than Female Workers at Google

Apple Watch Has a New Competitor with Fitbit’s Cheap New Trackers