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Uber Eats Tests New Service That Allows You to Dine In

Senior US Official: Huawei Remains Blacklisted

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India: Bank Manager Arrested for Running Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme

BTC.com Has Started Mining BSV Blockchain in Controversial Move

UK Regulator Proposes Ban on Cryptocurrency-Related Investments to Protect Retail Investors

Girlboss Launches a Social Network For Women

Real-Estate Developers Stop Plans For ‘Blockchain Hub’ Due to Lack of Interest

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AI-Generated Spam Could Cause Problems for Search Engines

Environmentalists Protest Outside Amazon’s Paris HQ as Part of Climate Change Demonstration

Facebook’s Silicon Valley Campus Given All-Clear Following Sarin Scare

Samsung: Galaxy Fold Was Released ‘Before it Was Ready’

Tacoma Convenience Store Installs Facial Recognition AI

Can Robots.txt Protocol Become an Internet Standard After 25 Years?

Lake City IT Director Fired After City Paid $500K in Bitcoin Ransom

Apple’s CEO Claims His Disinterest in Design Didn’t Lead to Ive’s Departure

Facebook Shuts Down Several Accounts Accused of Spreading Malware

Destroyed Assyrian Statue Recreated by Google 3-D Prints

Private Startup Rocket Lab Succeeds in Launching ‘Make It Rain’ Mission

Wikipedia Founder Urges Social Media Strike to Restore Control of Personal Data

Ive’s Exit From Apple May Be Due to CEO’s Lack of Interest in Production Design

America Wants to Find Out How Much Amazon Pays in Taxes

Google’s Internet Balloon ‘Loon’ Faces Crucial Test Amid Doubts of Viability

Facebook Will Not Allow Ads Discouraging People to Vote

Google Caught in the Cross Hairs of Indian Antitrust Watchdog

New AI Can Prevent Cats From Bringing Their Prey Into Your Home

Steps to Deleting or Deactivating Your Instagram Account

WeWork & Uber Use Debt as a Weapon in Fight Against Reality

Dutch Ministers Want to Regulate Cryptocurrency to Tackle Money Laundering

Refugees Access Blockchain Payment System Using Digital Wallet of Their Own Design

Silicon Valley is the Real Victim in War Against Huawei

Spotify Accused of Letting Record Labels Take Unnecessary User Data

Western Intelligence Agencies Hacked Russia’s Yandex in Attempt to Spy on Users

5 of Jony Ive’s Lesser-Known Designs

Twitter Plans to Hide Tweets From World Leaders Who Break the Rules

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NASA’s Dragonfly Mission Prepares to Find Origins of Life on Titan

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Why Are My Slack Messages Double-Posting?

Bitcoin-Fueled Dark Web Ring Busted When Dealer Buys Postage Using Real Name

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Irish Exchange Bitsane Pulls Exit Scam & Vanishes with Thousands in Cryptocurrency

Huawei Claims Patent Talks with Verizon Are ‘Common’ Business Practice