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Western Digital Comes Out With A 1TB Drive That Only Costs $249

The Zipwhip App Allows Businesses to Text Customers From Any Phone Line

Fossil’s Smartwatch Tech Bought by Google for $40 Million

Blockchain Sharding Made Simple

Python Programming Offering 50+ Hours of Coding Training

Galaxy S10+ Model Leaked to The Public

EU Copyright Laws and How They Will Affect The Way Google’s Search Results Look

A Chinese App Makes It Easy to Shame Nearby Debtors

Facial Recognition Technology Being Used On Birds

Bitcoin Con Artist Charged With $51M Investment Scam

YouTube Used by OhioHealth Doctor to Offer MS Patients Greater Access

PH Cybersecurity Platform Created by Israeli Surveillance Firm

Coinstar Launches Bitcoin Purchasing At The Kiosks In Grocery Stores

Google Pixel 3 Lite Revealed In A Hands-on Video

Laser Shoes Made for Parkinson’s Patients

Uploading Large Images Through Facebook Made Easy by The Launch of Spectrum

Motorola Speaks of Bringing Back The Foldable Razr Phone This February

WhatsApp Is The Social Network’s Most Popular App That Even Surpasses Facebook

Facebook Works to Give Users More Control Over What They See

Ola, India’s Uber, Is Adding a Monthly Billing Option for Ride-hailing Customers

Visa and Flutterwave to Launch GetBarter, The African Consumer Payment Service

Possible Twitter Account Hijacking Due to The WordPress Leak of Access Tokens

The Robot That Brings You Snacks and Beer While At Home

Huawei Steals Tech Secrets Which Leads to a Criminal Case Distributed by the US

Microsoft and Walgreens Team Up to Battle Against Amazon for Digital Health Corners

Sony Invents A Mirrorless Camera With A Selfie Screen for YouTube Stars

Real Pets Are Out, Robo-Pups Are In

Dangerous and Harmful Pranks Being Banned by YouTube

Butterfly Network Invents Ultrasound Scanning Through An iPhone

New VR Phone Screens May Bring An End to Smartphones

The First Wall Outlet Charging Station for Tesla Designed

Apple Works With Verizon Wireless on FREE Apple Music

Political Ad Checks Coming Soon to Facebook

Millions of Call Logs and SMS Text Messages Exposed

Alexa Voice Remote Added to Fire TV Stick

Bitcoin Scammers Spoof BBC News Website

Facial Recognition Struggles to Determine Ethnic Differences

Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart TVs and Now Smart Shoes?

Hyundai’s Four-Legged Car Is Not What We Imagined for The Future

Mercedes-Benz Displays Tech Advances on Automobiles at the Consumer Electric Show

Smartsheet and Slope Work Together to Help Companies Manage the Creative Project Production Process

The Tech Industry Indulging in A Bad Habit As They Continue to Work on 8K TVs

Man Takes Photo of Driverless Car That Then Ruins His Camera Lens by A Laser

A Car Dashboard With Information, Directions and Points of Interest in Hologram Form

How The Smart Phone Application TikTok, Took Over the Internet This Year

NBCUniversal Planning a Free Streaming Service and Executive Shuffle

A Personalized Voice Assistant Launches Through Pandora on iOS and Android Devices

Airline Passenger Records Changed by Hackers Through Amadeus’ Booking System

$300M to Be Invested in Local News by Facebook

Qualcomm Refuses to Supply Chips for the New iPhone Due to Shady Business Practices