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China blocks Microsoft’s Bing

Cincinnati’s Financial Tech Startup Relocates to Los Angeles

A $700M Stationary Startup for The Instagram Generation Coming Soon

Assumptions Are Being Made That Big Tech and Big Brother Are Merging

7 Million Pieces of Online Information and Thousands of Apps Deleted by China

Germany Funds Research Facility for EV Battery Technology

You Can Now Select, Copy, and Paste Multiple Sections of Text in MacOS

Netflix and Instagram Collaborate to Create A Sharing Feature for iPhones

$10 MySQL Training Will Make You A Pro At Using Databases

A Fix for Cryptocurrency SIM-Swapping Found by Google’s Head of Account Security

Japan Goes Deep-Sea Mining and Finds Rare Elements for Smartphones

Xiaomi Has Invented The Folding Phone and It’s The Best We’ve Seen Yet

The Amazon Echo Wall Paused Sales Due to Connectivity Issues

Gesture Interface for Smartphone Flagship Expected Next Month by LG

iPhone Expected to Go OLED In 2020

AppDynamics Expands Monitoring Vision Two Years After Being Acquired by Cisco

Columbus E-Scooter Battle Proceeds After The Boom In Electric Scooters

Apple Music Releases Web Browser Accessibility

Blockstream and Digital Garage Partner to Develop Blockchain Financial Services

Starship Creates Autonomous Delivery Bots That Deliver Food to A College Campus

Verizon’s CEO Explains What 5G Means for Consumers

Blind Youtubers Make The Internet More Accessible

Oppo Prepairs to Unveil Its 10x Hybrid Zoom Technology at MWC 2019

Advantages of Partitioning Your Hard Drive Released

Google Buries Privacy Terms Where Users Won’t Find Them and Is Fined $57 Million

Lumia 950 XL Is the Only Hope for Windows 10 ARM On Mobile Devices

Huawei Releases A Statement Saying They Are Not Deleting Photos On Twitter

Drone Chaos Was A ‘Wake-Up Call’ for EasyJet Airports

Asian Cryptocurrency Platform Being Powered by LSE’s Technology

Amazon Starts Direct Sales Starting in Brazil After Complicated Logistics Delay

Electric Batteries Are Being Made by Mercedes-Benz In Poland

RoamHR Now Available In Apple's App Store

Businesses Are Frustrated by Social Media Interactions and Recommend Using Email

DeskJet Ink Advantage Buyers Rewarded With Additional 1-Year Warranty by HP

Warehouse Workers for Amazon Are Receiving Utility Belts That Ward Off Robots

Waymo One’s Self-Driving Taxi Service Said to Get Confused by Rainstorms

2018 Claimed to Be The Worst Year for Privacy and Security On Facebook

Uber Works to Invent Self-Driving Scooters and Bicycles

Bitcoin’s Dark Web Transactions Doubled In 2018

Read The Biggest Small Change Made On The Dell XPS 13

Take Video Editing More Seriously This Year by Using The Best Video Editors

The World’s First Gene-Edited Baby Declared Illegal in China

Spain Proceeds to Strike Against Uber

AOC Owns All of Your Meme’s, The New Vernacular of Political Culture

Disney Lost $580 Million This Past Fiscal Year Because of Hulu

Facebook Announces The Launching of a New Petition Feature

Tesla Cuts Jobs In Order to Make An Affordable Car

Protests Triggered Over Google’s Censored Search Engine

Netflix Claims Ten Percent of US TV Screen Time

Private Tweets Made Public Due to a Twitter Bug