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Koenigsegg Super Cars Collaborated With Saab Successor to Go Electric

United Arab Emirates Used A Sophisticated Cyber Super-Weapon to Spy On Foes

The Future of Hiring Employees Involves the Use of AI

Amazon Creates A Political Battle After Announcing The New Headquarter Office in NYC

Samsung Invents the 1TB Storage Chip for Phones

Americans Were Blasted by 26.3 Billion Spam Calls From Robocallers In 2018

New 2-D Materials Allows Wi-Fi Signals to Convert to Electricity

MIT Uses Optimizing Solar Farms With Smart Drones Using Machine-Learning Software

Cincy Inno Develops A Tech Madness Bracket Challenge Designed to Raise Awareness for Startups

Huawei’s Version of the MacBook Air Is Considered Nearly Flawless

A US Case Against Huawei Revolves Around A Robot Called Tappy

Internet Giants Being Urged to Work Harder on Fighting Fake News by The EU

The Housing Market Hopes to Be Fixed By Technology

Vulcan Involves Themselves In The Drone-Building Business to Fight Wildlife Poachers

Social Media Firms Could be Banned If They Fail to Remove Harmful Content

Female Uber & Lyft Drivers Consider Themselves As ‘Thrown to The Wolves’

A Potential Global Cyber Attack to Cause A Maximum of $193 Billion Worth of Damage

FormBook Spikes Infections & Leads to The Founding of A Malware-Friendly Hosting Site

230M Daily Users Have Been Reported for Alibaba’s Version of The App Store

Equifax Breach Caused by Flawed Fortune 100 Software

Orro Invented The Smart Light Switch That Customizes Itself to Daily Patterns

Facebook Plans to Build A Supreme Court for Content Moderation

Group FaceTime Disabled by Apple Following Major Security Flaw

Cincinnati Students Build Tech Solutions at EdTech Startup-Led Event

Kick Off Race Ordered by Chipmaker Xilinx’s 5G to Cash In On New Networks

Volvo Tests Venture, The Self-Driving Car, On Swedish Roads

Treatment Programs Have Been Made for Internet Addiction

EU Elections Has Facebook Tightening The Rules On Paid Ads

138GB of Data and No Real Answers From GDPR

Apple Can’t Make Computers In the USA, Which is Why They Are Made In China

Russian Classifieds Site Was Taken Over by Nasper In $1.16B Deal

Curve, The New App That Consolidates All of Your Bank Cards Into One

Dropbox Purchased HelloSign, A Company That Provides Workflow and eSignatures

Sandmarc Has Invented the New iPhone Lens for Only $100 for Photographers

AI, Blockchain, and Wearables Are Changing the Face of Healthcare

Postable, The New Way to Automate and Grow Your Instagram Account

IoT Devices Targeted by Millions of Japanese Officials to Help Secure the Olympics

It Only Takes $20 to Become a Certified Silicon Valley Social Media Guru

Regulation on Facial Recognition Technology Welcomed by Microsoft

Mobile Ultrasound Technology Revolutionizing Medical Care

Top Innovations from Google’s Moonshot Factory

UVM: Privacy No Longer in Your Hands, Even if You Abstain From Social Media

Customizable Digital License Plates Hitting the Road in 8 States by 2020

Visible, Verizon’s Unlimited Data Carrier, Announced Android Compatibility as it Starts Selling iPhones

Buzzfeed to Complete Major Cuts as 15% Cut from Workforce

Perks Soon to be Rolled out for Uber Rewards

Apple’s Autonomous Vehicle Team Cuts 200 Employees

Health Monitoring Features to Come with Apple’s Next-Gen AirPods

Changes to Google Chrome Could Weaken Ad Blockers

US Heartland and Less-Skilled Workers Will be the Hardest Hit by AI