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Ransomware Infection in Electricity Supplier Left Parts of Johannesburg Powerless

FBI Investigates Tea Company Suspected of Using Blockchain For Insider Trading

Despite Record Quarter For Deliveries Tesla Is Over $1B In Losses For 2019

Microsoft’s Cortana Is No Longer an Alexa Competitor

House of Representatives Approves Anti-Robocalling Measure

CTO of Tesla Steps Down After 15 Years

French Inventor’s Attempt to Cross English Channel Using Hoverboard Fails

TRON Founder Apologizes After Postponing Highly Publicized Charity Lunch With Warren Buffett

Speed Up Your Coding With New AI-Powered Autocompleter Tool

Tinder Protects LGTBQ+ Community By Hiding Profiles In Discriminatory Countries

Cryptocurrency Startup YouHodler Exposed Troves of Sensitive Customer Data

Federal Grand Jury Indict New Jersey Man For Selling $2M Worth of Bitcoin Online

Reviewing a Dating App Still Won’t Address Harassment Issues

Contract Programmer Pleads Guilty to Planting ‘Logic Bombs’ Inside Spreadsheets

Steps to Put WhatsApp, Messenger & Instagram on Mute

Researchers Release Database of 7500 Images AI Struggles to Correctly Identify

Tai the Dog Learns to Respond to Remote-Controlled Commands Via Haptic Vest

Public Outcry Leads to DoorDash Changing Its Controversial Tipping Policy

Tokyo Reveals 2020 Olympics Medals Created Using Recycled Phones

Reddit Launches Community Awards That Subreddits Can Design Themselves

Google Photos Reaches 1B User Mark After 4 Years

FTC Discloses Its $5B Settlement With Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

First 6 Months of 2019 Saw a Staggering 52.7M In Cryptojacking Hits

Become a Better Person In Real Life Through Virtual Reality

New York Times Plans to Use Blockchain to Combat Fake News

European Police Might Send Young Hackers to Rehab Over Prison

Does Apple Show Favoritism Towards Itself In App Store Search Results?

Why Should You Find & Remove Fake Twitter Accounts?

Slack Launches Major Update That Rebuilds Underlying Technology For Web & Desktop

OneWeb Opens High-Tech Factory in Florida Focusing on Space-Based Internet

Does Amazon Treat Their Employees Like Robots?

Judge Rejects AT&T ‘s Request to Dismiss $224M Lawsuit Over SIM-Swapping Incident

Vietnam Launches Facebook-Style App Despite Tightening Internet Rules

Alibaba Allows US Small Businesses to Sell on Its Platform

Tesla Drops Lawsuit Against Critic When Asked to Turn Over Evidence

Design Flaw in Facebook Kids App Allows Strangers Into Chats

Pinterest Suggests ‘Emotional Well-Being Activities’ That Includes Taking Deep Breaths

Scammers Impersonate FCA in Fake Bitcoin Email Campaign

New Twitter Bot Creates Brand-New Emojis By Mashing Up Existing Ones

Facebook Takes Action Against Fake Libra Peddler

Apple Files Patent For Headset That Can Track Eyes, Gestures & Facial Expressions

Is Facebook Trying to Turn Itself Into Its Own Country With Libra?

Instagram’s ‘Like’ Ban Is Affecting Influencers

First Batch of Companies Begins Trading on China’s New Nasdaq-Style STAR Market

Elon Musk Plans to Build 10km Vacuum Tunnel For Hyperloop in 2020

Microsoft Invests $1B & Forms Multi-Year Partnership with OpenAI

Would You Like To Get Digital Copies of Your VHS Tapes?

Delivery Apps Like DoorDash Use Your Tip to Make Up the Worker’s Base Pay

Equifax Settles Its 2017 Data Breach For Up to $700K

Podcast Gives Survivors of Sexual Assault A Voice to Discuss Their Experiences