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Serve Announces Official Integration of Facial Recognition Technology for Delivery Drivers

MIT Cuts Ties With Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp

Face Recognition Researcher Fights Amazon Over Biased AI

Amazon to Offer Broadband Access From Orbit With 3,236-Satellite “Project Kuiper” Constellation

Twitter Stops Blocking French Government’s Ad

Amazon Quietly Removes Aggressive Promotional Spots for Private-Label Products

Tesla Sales Declined Sharply in Early 2019 Compared to the End of Last Year

Verizon Turns on Mobile 5G Network Ahead of Schedule in Chicago and Minneapolis

It’s Official: Americans are Buying More Things Online Than in Stores

GrubMarket Raises $25M More for its Farm-To-Table Food Delivery Service

Millions of Facebook User Records Exposed on Amazon Cloud Server

Palm’s Tiny Phone Can Now be Purchases as a Standalone Device

OpenClassrooms Partners with Microsoft for a Masters-Level Online Program

Amazon Launches it’s First HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Skills for Alexa

AI Will Change 100 Percent of Jobs Over the Next Decade

Aqua Security, a Container Security Startup, Announced a $62M Series C Investment Today

GM, Ford and Toyota Join to Establish Safety Standards for Self-Driving Cars

YouTube Executives Ignored Warning Signs of Toxic Content

Goldman Sachs Group Launches Initiative to Attract Tech-Savvy Engineers to Develop New Finance Apps

South Korea to Launch World’s First National 5G Networks

Watch an Ad, Get a Free Movie Ticket with PreShow

Google Now Requiring Temp and Contract Workers to Receive Healthcare and $15 Minimum Wage

Students Develop Technology to Protect Classrooms from School Shootings

Rippling Raises $45M at $270M to be the Biz App Identity Layer

Adobe Brings Content-Aware Fill for Videos to After Effects

Department of Justice Put New Rules in Place That Could Limit Streaming of the Oscars

Five Ways Bar Technology is Changing the Ways We Drink and Socialize

More Technology and Fewer Books Found in School Libraries

New Menu App Developed in Boston Brings Technology to the Table

7 Energy Efficiency Innovations Changing The Game

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Bitcoin Jumps 20 Percent on Tuesday After Major Anonymous Order

Callaway Launces New Chrome Soft X Ball With Triple Track Technology

Facebook and Twitter Sucked Into India-Pakistan Information War

Verizon Offers “Just Kids” Plan

Gmail Becomes Smarter for its 15th Birthday

Ford Escape to Offer Both Hybrid and Electric Car Options in 2020

Microsoft and BMW Team Up for the Open Manufacturing Platform

Amazon Slashes Whole Foods Prices and Doubles Prime Members Weekly Deals

Massive Spam Campaign Occurred for 10 Days in March

Future iPhones Could Feature Two-Way Wireless Charging and Bigger Batteries

Burger King Launches Beefless Whopper

Google Assistant May be Mute When it Comes to Disclosing Sponsors

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 Gets a New Processor Boost

Advice for the Next Generation of Women in STEM