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The ‘Customer Friendship’ Platform, Dixa, Raises $14M In Series A Funding

Spotify Announces That They Will Terminate Any Accounts That Are Using Ad Blockers

Lush Uses AR Technology to Change The Way You Buy Bath Bombs

Cracking Down On Screen-Recording Apps Is A Win For Apple

Ride-Share Apps Create Traffic Congestion & Pollution Problems In Columbus

A Robot Made From 3D-Printed Modular Parts Has Taught Itself How to Ice-Skate

Tokyo Enforces ‘Smart Farming’ by Creating Self-Driving Tractors for Farmers

Teen With A Rare Genetic Condition Builds His Own Prosthetic Arm Out of Legos

Germany Restricts Facebooks Data Gathering Activities

Bigger Screens & Smaller Bezels On A Budget This Spring Offered by The Moto G7

Gmail Works With AI to Block 100 Million Extra Spam Messages Every Day

The Bill Has Been Signed For The New Amazon Headquarters to Be Paved In Virginia

The NYPD Demands Google to Remove Drunk-Driving Checkpoints From The Waze App

A Pop-Up Selfie Camera On Vivo Phones Will Have A Resolution of 32 Megapixels

Twitter Has Lost So Many Monthly Users That They Decided to Stop Sharing How Many

Several Popular iPhone Apps Secretly Record Your Screen Activity Without Asking

Blockchain Technology Is Being Killed by All of The Hype

Skype Has Created A Feature That Allows You to Blur Out Your Background

Facebook Denies That They Are Eavesdropping Through Your Phone to Send You Targeted Ads

The Midwest Startup Growth Was Dominated by Columbus In 2018

The New Apple iOS 12.2 Update Expected to Release In Four Months

China Hackers Breached The Network of Norway’s Visma to Steal Secrets From Its Clients

New Technology Is Being Developed by IBM to Help Prevent Power Outages

Kensington’s Surface Dock Costs A Lot, But It Turns The Surface Pro Into A Desktop Companion

A Programmer In China Finds A Loophole For ATMs & Withdraws $1 Million In Cash

Samsung Gets Creative With Trying Out A Stylus With A Built-In Camera & Optical Zoom

Spotify Fully Commits to Building A Podcast Network In 2019

YouTubes Rewind 2018 Will Continue to Monetize Issues After 15 Million Dislikes

SparkLabs Launch A Consultancy Division for Global Corporates

UK Announces Advanced Trials For Autonomous Vehicles That Do Not Use Safety Drivers

Politicians Need to Know Things About Technology Too

Facebook Messenger Now Allows You To Unsend Messages

Abra Lets You Buy Stock With Bitcoin But Things Are Never As Simple As They Seem

Google Launched An Extension That Tells You If Your Passwords Have Been Compromised

This Year Will be The Fifth Year In Which GiveBackHack Has Returned to Columbus

Providence Title Expands The Use of Columbus’s SafeChain to All 25 Offices

Myanmar Bans Trigger Facebook to Target ‘Dangerous’ Armed Groups

Amazon Pantry Works to Get Services Up & Running in India After E-Commerce Disruption

Back-Taxes Are Agreed to Be Paid Back to French Authorities by Apple

YouTube Expands On Tests of An Explore Tab to More Devices

Instagram Works On Operating All Types of Accounts Under One Main Login

Coda’s Programmable Document Editor App Combines Text & Spreadsheet Functionality

Tyra Banks Works to Create A Tech-Driven Theme Park Attraction Called Modelland

Ike Startup Raises $52 Million For Self-Driving Semi Trucks

BetterCloud Supports All SaaS Applications On Its Dashboard & Monitors Usage

Kinto Car Subscription Plans to Announce Their Service This Fall That Will Gamify Driving Behavior

The Ban On Personally Identifiable Web Tracking Has Quietly Been Dropped by Google

Here’s Why Blockchain Technology & AI Converging Could Be The Perfect Match

Netflix Created A Browser Extension That Will Auto-Skip Intros & Recaps

Stratacache Is A Substantial Player In Downtown Dayton With 2 Million Software Activations Globally