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Lightstream Raises $8M In Funding To Revamp Their Suite of Editing Technologies

FedEx Designs Autonomous Delivery Robot That Has iBot Wheelchair DNA

Apple Removes VoIP Duplicate Apps From The App Store

US, Germany & France Responsible for Over 50 Percent of Bitcoin Node

Built-In Sleep Tracking Is Designed for Apple Watches & Predicts to Release In 2020

Drones & Robots Are Used by SWAT to Defuse An Armed Standoff In California

Amazon’s Alexa Placed In Patients Rooms At Cedars-Sinai for Piloting Program

Purchases of the HTC’s Blockchain Phone Can Now Be Made With Fiat Cryptocurrency

Pandora Launches ‘Stories’ Feature Combining Music & Podcasting In A New Format

Light Started With Smartphone Camera Designs & Has Now Expanded to Self-Driving Cars

VMware Announced A New Kubernetes Product Called VMware Essential PKS

Google’s Gradient Ventures Invests $7M Into English Learning App Elsa

Animation Design Made Easy by CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pro

These Eight Highly-Rated Apps Have Been Used to Get Mac Computers Into Shape

Facebook Challenged by Moderating Billions of Posts & Fails to Account for Regional Sensibilities

Westerville Named A Global Top 7 Intelligent Community by the ICF

2019 Global Top 7 Intelligent Communities Official Announcement

BMW and Daimler, Rivals in the Automotive Industry, Team up for $1B Venture

How to Get Customers to Choose Your App Over Competitor's

Foldable Smartphones and 5G Are Huge Hit at MWC 2019

Communicating in the New Digital Era - What Are the Rules?

Recruit, Japan's Internet Giant, Has New $25M Blockchain Fund

Israel's 5 Hottest Startups

Entire Lineup of Sony's New Smartphone Xperia Leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Has All of Google’s ‘Digital Wellbeing’ Features to Monitor Scrren Time

Privacy Concerns After Discovery of Cameras Built Into Airline Seats

Spotify's Latest Changes Explained

Toyota Showrooms Use Computer-Generated Images to Let Customers 'See' Inside Cars

Zillow 2.0 Embarks On a Fundamental Shift, Projects Home Sales Operation to Develop Into $20B Business

Chicago's Large Camera Network Assists in Solving Smollett Case

All the Info You Need to Know About 5G

New Bixby-Powered Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Expected to Release In April

Gear-Train-Packed Nikes Link Up to An App to Control The Fit & Can Now Be Bricked

Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive & iCloud Is Used to Hold Main Cloud Storage

Web Services Adhere to Users’ Wishes On How Their Data Is Stored & Shared In the Cloud

Joint Credit Card In Progress by Apple & Goldman Sachs to Integrate Apple Wallet

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Scheduled to Launch Late April Starting At $1,980

Microsoft Introduces Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Solutions to Smartphones

The Robotics Museum In Korea Plans to ‘Construct Itself’ By Using Robots to Build

Sunstone Technology Re-Brands to Become A Consumer-Only European Tech Fund

YouTube Ads Suspended by Nestle, Epic, & Disney Over Child Exploitation Concerns

The Reasons Why You Should & Shouldn’t Be Excited For Foldable Smartphones

If You Are Tired of Facebook Knowing Your Location, Here Is How to Stop Them

Zuckerberg Plans A ‘Blockchain Login’ That Makes Absolutely No Sense

Google Admits to Disclosing Information On Hidden Microphone In Nest Guard System

Websites Hit by Cyber-Thieves Who Implant Code to Steal Credit Card Information

Vivo Announces Their V15 Pro With Micro USB & 32-Megapixel Pop-Up Selfie Camera

Google Gets Defensive After Increasing Criticism About Stopping Ad Blocking On Chrome

Apple Plans to Combine Apps So That They Will All Work Across iPhones, iPads, & Macs

Insolight’s Hyper-Efficient Solar Panels Predicted to Live On Your Roof Soon