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Google Promises to Neutralize Its Carbon Footprint By 2022

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Walmart’s Flipkart Set to Roll Out Free Video Service to 160M Customers

IBM Announces New Blockchain Network Aimed at Improving Supply Chain Management

Design Firm Hosts Contest to Create Fresh Cybersecurity Stock Images

Indian Government Blocked All Communication Channels in Parts of Jummu & Kashmir

French Inventor Successfully Crossed English Channel Riding His Hoverboard

Researchers Want to Make Machine Learning More Efficient & Affordable

Cloudflare Terminates Service For 8chan Following Deadly Terrorist Attack in El Paso

Facebook Wants You to Know Who’s In Charge of Instagram & WhatsApp

Huawei May Release a Phone Using Its Own OS In Late 2019

Iran: Cryptocurrency Mining is Fine, but Trading Should Be Illegal

Online Sneaker Company StockX Failed to Report Its Massive Data Breach

Technology is Hijacking Words Once Found Only in Nature

Why Do We Enjoy Looking at Fake Stuff on Facebook?

Happy Birthday, TikTok!

Twitch Superstar Ninja Signs Exclusive Deal with Microsoft’s Mixer

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You Don’t Need to Speak For Google’s New 911 Feature to Point Out Your Location & Emergency

Activists Create Font Out of Disgust Over US Government’s Gerrymandering Practices

Siri Voice Recordings Suspended Amid Privacy Concerns

Facebook Open-Sources 2 Technologies to Curb Spread of Inappropriate Content

Campaigns Connected to Saudi Arabian Government Removed From Facebook

Cryptart Charity Auction Uses Bitcoin Blockchain to Pick a Winner

OnePlus Rectifies Subpar Photo Quality By Putting 3 Cameras on Its Latest Flagship

South Korean Chipmakers Struggle to Find Alternatives For Restricted Japanese Materials

There’s More to Capital One’s Data Breach Than Meets the Eye

Sentient: The Classified Artificial Brain Being Developed By US Intelligence Programs

Killer Kidney Condition Quickly Detected By AI-Based App

Lyft’s Electric Bikes Are on Fire – Literally

New Bills For Regulating Social Networks Are Moving Through Congress

85% of the World’s Total Bitcoin Supply Has Beed Mined – But There’s No Need to Worry

Binance Coin Had Successful Q2 Despite Hacking Controversies

Would You Subscribe For Premium Android Apps & Games?

G Suite Users Now Have Access to Google’s Titan Security Keys

Financial Institutions Are Latest Targets For North Korean Hacking Groups

YouTube is Top-Grossing App in Video Software Category 2nd Quarter in a Row

Canada: Judge Approves $1.6M-Plus in Fees to Recover Funds Lost During QuadrigaCX’s Demise