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Evernote to Fix MacOS App Bug That Allows Remote Code Execution

Carrefour Plans to Track 20 Percent of Its Products On the Blockchain by 2020

Hulu Spends $1.43 B to Buy Back AT&T Stake

Japan’s Financial Regulator Will Require Crypto Exchanges to Bolster Internal Oversight

Due to Cost Concerns, Poland Holds Off Blanket Ban On Huawei 5G Gear

Thousands of Suspicious Reviews Are Discovered On Top Rated Products On Amazon

Google Pay Automatically Imports Loyalty Cards & Tickets from Gmail

Researches Discover Malware That Steals User Passwords & Account Payment Methods

Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud Drive Challenged by pCloud

$10M Raised by Leapwork for Its Automation Platform Which Plans for US Expansion

Twitter Forms Conspiracy Theories After the Burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral

Hawaiian Electric Customers Successfully Ignoring “Robocall” to Stop Bitcoin Scammers

Google & Apple Are Asked by India to Ban TikTok Due to Inappropriate Content

Google to Reveal A New Pixel Product In May

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) Could Save Your Life Across the EU In 2020

Tesla’s Self-Driving Cars Will Get The First Price Hike In Two Weeks

Deals on VPN Software for Best Privacy Protection In 2019

Apple Announces New Mobile & Mac Gaming Subscription Service, Apple Arcade

Battle Between Apple & Qualcomm Continues as They Square Off In US Court

US Online Lenders Are Scrutinizing Loan Quality, Securing Long-Term Financing & Cutting Costs

Toyota Agrees to Sell Electric Car Technology to Chinese Startup Singulato

Tougher EU Copyright Rules Are Being Enforced in Blow to Google & Facebook

Amazon Workers Strike At Four German Warehouses In Efforts for Raised Pay

Microsoft’s Outlook.com Security Breach Was Worse Than the Company Initially Revealed

$7M Raised by Medbelle to Build ‘Digital Hospitals’

Magisto, the New Short-Form Video Creation Platform, Acquired by Vimeo

IMF Launches a Private Blockchain & Quasi-Cryptocurrency ‘Learning Coin’

AV Ambitions Expected to Boost After China Creates A New Highway for Self-Driving Cars

Amazon Go Became Part of the Cashless Trend But Now Accepts Cash at Cashless Stores

Smart-Speaker Makers Recording Users to Improve Natural Language Processing

Samsung Galaxy A80’s Key Feature to Possibly be Borrowed by Huawei

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket Sent On Its First Commercial Flight

Facebook Fined Due to Failing to Provide Information On Data-Agencies

$457M Spent by Uber Last Year On Self-Driving & Flying Car R&D

New Disney+ Steaming Service Expected to Release This November

Coinbase Pro Wipes Its Bitcoin to USD Market Clean & Suspends Trade for Hours

Facebook Works to Allow You to Chat With Your Friends On Mobile Without Messenger

Google Cloud Makes Advancements to Differentiate Itself from AWS & Microsoft

WhatsApp Announces A Feature to Stop Others From Adding You to A Group Without Consent

Two Romanians Convicted After Using Cryptocurrency Malware-Mining to Steal Millions

Alexa, Siri & Google Assistant Change Our Interactions With the World by Doing It for Us

Dark Mode Support Is Added to Microsoft’s OneNote App

Nvidia Releases New Driver That Allows Ray Tracing Effects to be Switched On in GTX Graphic Cards

T-Mobile Unveils Its Upcoming Home TV Service, TVision Home

Vector, Virgin & a Mystery Team Expected to Compete In DARPA’s $34M Launch Challenge

Africa eShop App Launched by DHL for Global Retailers to Sell Into Africa

$4.5M Series A Closed by Trint, the AI-Powered Transcription Service

Didi Makes A Further Push Into the Financial Areas As It Courts Car Leasing Companies

Progress Report On Supplier Usage of Clean Energy Shared by Apple

Microsoft Office Files Can be Edited With Google Docs, Sheets & Slides