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Financial Institutions Are Latest Targets For North Korean Hacking Groups

YouTube is Top-Grossing App in Video Software Category 2nd Quarter in a Row

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OneWeb’s Satellite Internet Request Denied by Russia

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Samsung’s Profits Drop 50% Due to Slow Sales in Memory & Flagship Phones

Why Does Netflix’s Android App Want Access to Your Physical Activity?

Russian Authorities Seize 2.5K Illegally Imported Bitmain Cryptocurrency Miners

Cryptocurrency Community Hasn’t Decided on a Symbol For Smaller Bitcoin Denominations

Bios For Women Scientists Are More Likely to Be Flagged For Removal By Wikipedia

Young Vlogger Is Revealed to Be Middle-Aged Woman Thanks to Face Filter Bug

Swiss Hospital Drone Grounded After Crashing 50 Yards From Playing Children

Blockchain To Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange That Will Execute Trades in Microseconds

Questions Over Hacks Leads Capital One’s Shares to Drop

Should Congress Start Regulating Tech Platforms With Laws Instead of Fines?

Waze Allows Drivers To Pick Up Multiple Passengers Using Carpooling Feature

Apple Joins Other Social Media Giants in The Data Transfer Project

Google’s Android Auto Looks a Lot Like Android Phones After Refresh

New Data Shows How Movies Have Become Less Sexist in Last 129 Years

Is There Still Life in Long-Dead Dinosaur Bones?

Hackers Are Wiping Files on Public Storage Devices & Demanding Bitcoin Ransom

New AI Can Detect How You’re Feeling From A Selfie

CEO Of Defunct Mt. Gox Faces Class-Action Lawsuit About Company’s Demise

Google Researchers Disclose ‘Interactionless’ Vulnerabilities in iOS That Makes Hacking Easy

Iran, Syria & Crimea Developers Have been Blocked By GitHub

Video: NASA-Created Robot Could Help Build Colonies on Mars & Moon

14-Year-Old Fortnite Champion Takes Home $3M

Companies Using Facebook’s ‘Like” Button Could Be Held Liable For Collecting Data

Could Satellites Start Packing Heat By 2030?

Apple Could Be Releasing Up to 3 5G iPhones in 2020

Soon You Can Watch Your Favorite Netflix Shows In Your Tesla

Oppo Announces ‘Waterfall’ Screen Design Featuring 88-Degree Curved Edges

Elephants Have Larger Brains Thanks to Climate Change

Harvard & MIT Create Ai-Powered Tool For Spotting AI-Generated Text

LinkedIn Fixes Flaw That Allowed Anyone to Post Unofficial Job Listings

Dark Web Kingpin Forfeits $4M After Selling Drugs to Undercover Cop Via Encrypted Email

Robotic Contact Lens Lets You Zoom By Blinking Twice

SpaceX’s Test Rocket Briefly Hovers During Launch

Apple Is Reportedly Moving on From Its Infamous Butterfly Keyboard

Affected By Equifax’s 2017 Data Breach? Get $125 From This Week’s Settlement

Newark Airport Loses Southwest Airlines As A Result of 737 Max Grounding

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Helps FTC With Their Antitrust Investigation

Will Saudi Arabia’s Neom Be a $500B City-State or Colossal Waste of Wealth?

Twitter Stops Sharing Its Monthly Usage Numbers In Effort to Highlight Growth

Ethereum’s Price Doubled Despite Dip In Active Dapp Users In Q2