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Chrome Will Release Ad-Blocking Feature Globally in July

Noise-Cancelling Tech from Bose Coming to Our Cars

Top 5 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today – Wednesday January 9, 2019

20-Year-Old Admits to German Data Breach Crime

Hackers Could Gain Total Control of your computer Due to Steam Portal Vulnerability

Tech That Stole the Show at CES

9 Million Users Downloaded Adware Apps from Google Play

New Tablet Transforms Handwritten Words Into Typewritten Text

Phone-based Fraud Scheme Swindles Billions Per Year

Hyundai Exhibits Walking Car and Its Endless Possibilities

Norwegian Millionaire’s Wife Held Hostage for 10M Euros Worth of Cryptocurrency

Fortnite Hauls in Almost Half a Billion Dollars on Apple Devices Alone in 2018

Google to Move Into Old Shopping Mall to Build Massive Office

No IPO in 2019 For Uber?

Tim Cook Comes to Apple’s Defense With Steve Jobs’ Favorite Quote

Get Yourself This Smart Toilet With Built In Speakers, Mood Lighting and Alexa

US Phone Companies Are Allegedly Selling Customers’ Location Data

Hulu Is Catching Up With Netflix

Is Facebook’s Workplace “Cult-Like”?

Crypto Winter Causes Chaos at ShapeShift

L’Oreal Launches Wearable Skin Sensor for PH Level Measurement

Get Disney VR in Your Audi

Breath-Test Gadget Gives Dietary Advice

Peculiar Cedar wants to Help You Calm Down

10% Fewer iPhones Will Be Manufactured This Quarter

London Heathrow Flights Temporarily Halted Due to Drones

New Tool Removes Background From Images Sans Photoshop

This High Tech Burger Might Be Able to Save the Planet

WeChat Gets a Digital Assistant Like Siri Courtesy of Tencent

Get Ready For Nokia 8.1

Lenovo Incorporates Google Assistant Smarts Into This Cute Little Alarm Clock

Twitter Creates “Ice Breakers” to Initiate Healthy Conversations

Google’s Announcements at CES 2019

IBM Launches Its First Commercial Quantum Computer

Mark Zuckerberg Promises to Hold Public Talks on the Future of Tech This Year

Top 5 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today – Tuesday January 8, 2019

Manufacturing Company Hit by Hackers

Griffin Unveils Wireless Charger for iPhones and Apple Watches

Complete Your Relaxing Weekend with Ikea’s Affordable Smart Blinds

In the Midst of Market Mayhem, Amazon Emerges as Most Valuable US Company

20-Year-Old Suspect Arrested Over Colossal German Politician Data Hack

US Top Court Refuses to Accept Fiat Chrysler Hacking Case

Qualcomm Adds Music from amazon to Car Computer Chip Lineup

US Nonprofit Organizations Join Industry in Self-Driving Campaign

Toyota to Share Life-Saving Driving Tech With Rivals

Mobile Data Management Feature for Android Coming Soon Courtesy of Digi

US Initiative Alerts Companies of Hacking By Countries Such as China

Samsung Showcases Its Healthcare and Retail Store Aimed Robots

According to Nvidia, New Autonomous Driving Platform Will Go Public Next Year

Popular Cryptocurrency May Have Been A Victim of a Confidence-Breaking Attack