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Bitcoin Jumps to 18-Month High Thanks to Nerves Over Libra

Chinese Hackers Broke Into 8 Major Tech Service Providers in Years-Long Attack

20M Factory Jobs Could Be Replaced by Robots by 2030

Sidewalk Labs Plans to Build Smart City in Toronto & Sparks Fresh Controversy

US Chipmaker Micron Restarts Shipments to Huawei Despite Ban

Florida Town Pays $500K to Hackers After Ransomware Attack

Facebook Agrees to Deliver Hate Speech Data to France

Wayback Machine Can Highlight Changes on Website Copy

Sweden: Facebook Group Admin Fined for Refusing to Delete Hate Speech

Mt. Gox Loses 80K in Bitcoin, Faces Lawsuit

There Are Currently 5K Cryptocurrency ATMs Around the World

Black Plastic’s Carbon Can Be Used As Renewable Energy

Cyber-Bullying Effects More Girls Than Boys

Facebook’s Libra Must Respect Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

Majority of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision’s Activity Comes From Weather App

New AI Fights Fake News by Creating Fake News

A Closer Look at BMW’s Electric Motorcycle Concept

Hacker Used $35 Raspberry Pi to Penetrate NASA’s Network

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Alleged Moderator of Dark Web Market AlphaBay Faces 20 Years in Prison

Google Declares Pride Protests Against Code of Conduct

Energy Storage Being Challenged by Arizona Fire

BMW Says It’s Ahead of Schedule in Effort to Offer Electrified Vehicles

SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy Carrying 24 Experimental Satellites

Hackers Steal Personal & Corporate Data From Several Global Telecoms

New GPS Data Helps Locate Missing People in Wilderness

US Census Using High-Tech Tools to Get Accurate Population Count in 2020

Supercomputer Firms & Institutes in China Barred From Purchasing American Parts

ACT Government Audit Says Strategic Planning Efforts Are ‘Ineffective’

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Will Anybody Actually Use Libra?

Bitcoin Jumps Another 10% Over Weekend