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Tesla Works On Fully Self-Driving Cars Amid Skepticism

Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media After the Series of Eight Bombings In Churches & Luxury Hotels

Studies Are Conducted to See If a Tablet Could Be Used as a Replacement for a Smartphone

Samsung Puts Its Galaxy Fold Launch Event On Hold In China But Keeps US Launch On Schedule

Tesla Investigates the Explosion Video Footage of the Parked Model S in Shanghai

OnePlus Promises the 7 Pro to Have ‘A Whole New Display Which Has to Be Seen to Be Believed’

HappyFresh’s Online Grocery Service In Southeast Asia Raises $20M

Sony Launches the S.Ride Taxi-Hailing App to Rival Uber in Tokyo

Former Facebook Head to Lead Go-Jerk, the Ride-Hailing Startup Located in Southeast Asia

Tangdou App Teaches the Elderly to Dance & Raises A Series C Funding Round Led by Tencent

Marketers & Public Relation Professionals Should Practice Saying “No” to Imposed PR Demands

AI’s Are Developing Personalities But Amazon’s Alexa Communicates With Expressions

Fuse Chicken’s Universal Charger Packs a Power Bank & Plugs Into Multiple Power Outlets

Instagram Builds a Prototype Where Only The Person Who Shared a Post Will See the Total Number of Likes it Gets

Alauda Racing Works to Make Flying Cars the Future of Motorsports

Apple’s New Lab In Texas Uses Robots to Rip Apart Devices for Recycling Materials

Android Users In Europe Will Be Able to Choose Rival Browsers & Search Engines

SoftBank & Japan’s Auto Industry Invests $1B In Uber’s Self-Driving Unit

Breeze Automation Works to Build Robots for the Navy & NASA

Netflix Announces New Production Hub to Invest Up to $100M In the City of New York

French Government Messaging App Exposes Confidential Conversations

Live Streaming Was Supposed to be the Future, But The Demand Just Isn’t There

Women In AI Express Their Need for Better Allies

Facebook Has Exposed More Instagram Passwords Than We Realized

When Adopting Smart Home Technologies, There Are Several Aspects to Consider

BlackBerry Messenger Announces That It Is Shutting Down After Nearly 14 Years

Robo-Rigs: The Scientist, Unicorn & the $700B Race to Create Self-Driving Semi-Trucks

Facial Recognition Technology Expected to Be Used on 97 Percent of Passengers by 2023

Google Chrome Announces Reader Mode to Strip Out Unnecessary Background Clutter

YouTube Is Returning to Amazon’s Lineup of Fire TV Products

Google & Amazon Partner to Bring Their Streaming Apps to Each Other’s Platforms

Jumprope Makes How-To Videos to Make It Easier for People to Share Their Knowledge & Hacks

Amazon China Works to Place More Focus On Cross-Border & Closes Local Marketplace

$1M Raised by Astroscreen to Detect Social Media Manipulation With Machine Learning

1.5M Email Contacts Uploaded to Facebook Without User Permission

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Breaks & Glitches Days After Reviewers Get Their Hands On It

Apple Is Working On A Tag-Like Hardware Device to Help You Find Non-Apple Products

France Thinks About Accepting Cryptocurrency to Rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral

Google’s Play Store Now Allows a Set Monthly Budget for Digital Media Purchases

Government-Backed Hackers Take Over the Web’s Phone Book & Erodes Trust In the Internet

Netflix Claims to Not Be Fazed by Apple & Disney, Its New Bigger Competitors

Four Simple Tips & Tricks to Help You Master Your VPN Extension In Chrome

Legal Conundrum for Musicians & AI

Apple Works to Create An App Like Find My iPhone for Non-Apple Devices

London Police Shut Off Wi-Fi Access in Some of the City’s Tube Stations to Deter Climate Protesters

Aptiv Takes Its Self-Driving Car Ambitions to Shanghai to Get Its Technology On Public Roads

Dutch Chipmaker NXP Partners With Radar Company Hawkeye

Aidoc, the Tel Aviv Startup Using AI to Analyze Medical Imaging, Raises $27M In Series B Funding

Distil Networks Publishes Its 2019 Bad Bot Report & the Naughty Bots Are Getting Smarter

Three Men Arrested After Taking Down a Dark Web Drug Ring Which Laundered $2.3M in Cryptocurrency