Leave The Bits And Bytes To Us


As a technology provider of managed services, project engagements and consultative hardware and software sales, we have to have a team of subject matter experts. RDI Intuitive Technical is led by a team focused on winning each and every day.


The information technology industry is evolving so rapidly that change has become the constant. That is why RDI has brought the brightest minds from technology and business together to provide world class solutions that are not the new “trend,” but rather the way of the future. Outsourcing different services and projects has been the highlighted innovation of the past 10 years in technology. It has blossomed its own industry within the technology sector with the rise of MSPs and VARs (managed service providers and value-added resellers; respectively), and outsourcing has been a tried and true method to ensure your projects and processes are handled by professionals dedicated to doing so. For the same reason you should not let your plumber attempt to fix your automotive issues, you should not have a network administrator tackling software debugging.

This happens all the time in the technology industry. An internal employee who tries to handle a project or service that is too burdensome or complex ends up with an issue that (s)he cannot resolve, resulting in everything from a missed milestone to a complete outage. All of which is not a boost to the already slim IT budget. Outsourcing these scenarios allow for the liability to be shifted to a third-party company that can provide contractual service-level agreements and a deep breadth of subject matter expertise and additional hands. Small to medium (SMB) sized companies face many of the same technical challenges that enterprise organizations face, but on a different scale. This presents a challenge for the SMB market to recruit, retain and ultimately to afford qualified resources. RDI’s managed service offering fills this niche by providing seasoned professionals when you need, as you need them. By providing top-level talent, RDI’s offering plays a strategic role in helping organizations concentrate on their core business and leaving the bits and bytes to RDI.


To learn more about the process behind RDI/A’s success, and for further inquiries, contact Oliver Pugh at opugh@rdicorp.com.