I Can See Clearly Now

Bryan and Barbara Hogan

Photography by Ali Wolfe


“The cloud and other technology advances have democratized the cost of technology. Today, middle market companies can reap the benefits of major applications, once deployed in only large enterprises, and at a fraction of the old price.” That’s the message from Bryan Hogan, CEO and co-founder of Afidence, the business advocate and IT provider company based in Mason, Ohio.


For almost a decade, Afidence, led by husband and wife team, Bryan and Barbara Hogan, has been providing clients with unbiased, real-time business and IT solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. Today, though, is a new day, and there is so much to take advantage of. And, to their advantage, small and medium businesses have the agility to quickly and efficiently benefit.

Afidence consultants have learned through experience that a successful information technology strategy begins with understanding the business. Technology alignment with goals and objectives may have been done initially and revisited with annual budgeting, but too often it has grown incrementally from a base of old assumptions and constrained resources. It’s time to reassess strengths and weaknesses, goals and objectives in light of new technology capabilities. What are the new industry trends? Who is the competition and what are they doing?

With help from Afidence, clients often discover that new technology strategies involve shedding past constraints, discarding old, unyielding legacy applications or infrastructure that were once essential but can now be replaced by open, flexible application services that are far more cost effective and competitive. New technologies can free up internal resources as well as capital and operating dollars that can be redirected toward core business needs.

Afidence can provide guidance, skill and expertise to help with many levels of transformation. Afidence will focus on the business first, far more so than any technology. What are the organization’s culture and values? What is its relationship with its customers and suppliers? Where is this industry segment headed? What challenges and opportunities might it face?

Once a strategy becomes clear, Afidence can offer an array of technology solutions. Afidence can provide total IT managed service including hosting, cyber security, and application and user support. It can also augment a company’s resources providing expertise for special projects with specific technical skills or project management resources.

Afidence is committed to helping clients succeed by delivering world-class IT services through people they can trust and truly enjoy. That trust develops when Afidence delivers excellent service, provides unbiased advice, demonstrates accountability and communicates with transparency.

Bryan Hogan encourages business owners to contact him and discuss opportunities to revisit and revamp technology strategy..


Afidence is located at 309 Reading Rd., Mason, Ohio, 45040. To learn more, call 513.234.5822 or visit www.afidence.com.