Honor, Beauty at Heart of Her New Venture

From left: Brian Boyce, Bryan Hogan, Barbara Hogan, Rob Niles, Shannon Glass-Fisher and Dustin Werden.

Photo provided by Afidence


Afidence co-owner Barbara Hogan has dedicated the past seven years to helping build the company’s renowned reputation as one of the most trusted business advocates and IT solution providers in Greater Cincinnati.

Hogan, who received the Mason Deerfield Chamber of Commerce “Gems of Excellence” Esprit de Corps Award in October 2016, and her leadership team recently decided to change things a bit, supplementing the Afidence brand by launching a separate venture they believe will bring greater success to their clients while adding integrity to the IT product sales industry.

Hogan named her emerging product sales company “timbelo.” No, the “t” is not capitalized. Following the Afidence name’s Latin meaning of “founded in trust,” Hogan explains, timbelo received its moniker because “tim” means honoring God and “belo” means beautiful in Portuguese. She believes her new endeavor will benefit clients in their quests for the best resources, products and IT solutions. 

Historically, Afidence has emphasized a “no strings attached/not a re-seller” business philosophy, Hogan points out. “Basically, our intention was not to get caught up in incentive product sales or lose our focus of being an IT consulting and support company.” Afidence avoids product sales to ensure transparency and unbiased decision making. Additionally, recruiting, staffing and direct placement services have only recently become a part of the Afidence brand. According to Hogan, timbelo will focus on product sales, direct placements for Afidence clients and securing government contracts (delivered by Afidence). 

Eventually, however, the question, “Why can’t we bring integrity to the product sales industry?” arose. The answer is timbelo. An honest, woman-owned re-seller that will grow its own brand, stand on its own two feet and be recognized as an industry changer, says Hogan. The timbelo website is up and running, and Hogan is excited to be at the company’s helm.

“Launching timbelo is the perfect avenue for bringing integrity to a whole new industry – product sales,” she says.

Admittedly, as timbelo owner and Afidence co-owner (she is married to her business partner, Bryan Hogan), she’ll have to go that extra mile to maintain integrity, transparency and trust. No problem for Hogan, a naturally principled leader, say her peers.

“I think what makes Barbara a terrific leader is the combination of qualities she has,” says Brian Boyce, director of Afidence’s Information Technology Management Services. “Total honesty. Clear and concise communication. The ability to demonstrate how invested she is in both her company and its employees. These simple things allow for those she is leading to know exactly where they stand at all times.”

Hogan, named a Lead Tribune Media Group “Woman of Influence” honoree in November 2015, brings what Dustin Werden, Afidence director of project management, calls “a servant leadership attitude” to the table that makes everyone in her presence feel valued and heard. In turn, employees are instilled with a sense of ownership and emotional investment in all her business projects, pulling the absolute best out of everyone on her team, he says.

“Barbara is an inspiring blend of gentle and impactful – a rare gem in leadership,” says Shannon Glass-Fisher, Afidence chief information security officer. “She has genuine compassion for the whole person and champions greatness in all those around her.”


timbelo is located at 5572 Crestwood Drive, Mason, OH 45040. For more information, call 513.813.8444, email Barbara.Hogan@timbelo.com or info@timbelo.com, or visit www.timbelo.com.