From Classroom to Career

Go to college, pick a degree, graduate, then start a career – that is how it works, right? Maybe at one time that was the case, but not anymore. High school graduates wrestle with the options in front of them as debt-plagued university graduates struggle to find middle-class jobs.

Sinclair Community College is working to solve this problem. Students can start their post-secondary education at Sinclair’s five locations in Southwest Ohio or online, all while getting job experience alongside professionals.

“We have to understand how to get students through their schooling and come out on the other side prepared and employed, instead of leaving them to figure it all out alone,” says DeAnn Hurtado, associate dean at Sinclair’s Mason campus.

Like many colleges, health sciences have the highest rate of enrollment at Sinclair, but Hurtado thinks most people do not realize healthcare includes far more than just nurses and doctors. “There are good, well-paying jobs in the health industry that provide an entry to healthcare and hospital work. Hospitals are clamoring for sterilization assistants, lab workers and medical assistants, and we can help students find those jobs.”

Sinclair also boasts a relatively new biotechnology program. It puts an emphasis on developing students’ lab skills, which is crucial for entry-level jobs in medicine, agriculture research or food sciences. For students interested in IT, Sinclair has a partnership with the University of Cincinnati in networking systems, cybersecurity and software application development. In addition, each student gets experience outside the classroom through relevant internships.

“Students need a vision of all the things they can do other than low-skill jobs,” Hurtado says. “That way, even if students are going to continue their education, they have real opportunities to make a living right now.”

With that mission in mind, strengthening pathways between education and industry has become a primary focus at Sinclair Community College.

Sinclair Community College is located at 5386 Courseview Drive, Mason, OH 45040. For more information, call 800.315.3000 or visit