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Redfin & LinkedIn Reveal the Top 5 Metros for America’s Software Engineers – Cbus #5

Hundreds Arrested Across 38 Countries in Dark Web Child Abuse

Hyperloop Study: Travelers Can Pay $60 to go From Columbus to Chicago in 40 Minutes – in 2040

Netflix Announces the 3rd Season of Stranger Things Was ‘Record-Breaking’

Arlo Creates Video Doorbell That Differentiates Between Guests & Packages

Google Continues Adding Pixel 4 Features

Facebook’s Libra Faces Core Legal & Regulatory Challenges

Cryptomining Malware Conceals Its Tracks Using WAV Audio Files

Digital Markets Must Adapt When Targeting Urban Audiences in Emerging Markets

Nevada Man Charged for Allegedly Operating Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme For $11M

OnePlus Releases 7T Pro & People Wonder Why Updates Were So Minimal

Learn All You Need to Know About Blockchain for $29

Venezuelan Government Isn’t Ready to Give Up on State-Issued Cryptocurrency Ambitions

NASA Releases a Unisex Spacesuit

Samsung Security Flaw Lets You Unlock Any Galaxy S10 with Your Fingerprint

Women Who Mean (nonprofit) Business

Working at a nonprofit isn’t for the faint of heart. The hours are long, the pay isn’t as good as you’ll find in the for-profit world, and the mission can become all-consuming. As a result, staff burnout and turnover are usually high. Melissa Newman, Executive Director of JDRF Southwest Ohio, faces an ongoing battle to keep her staff team engaged and motivated, but in spite of these challenges the chapter has realized significantly better staff satisfaction and retention rates than the industry norms.

EL AL Discusses the Biggest Challenges Facing CDOs and the Expectations Other Company Executives Place on the CDO

Red Hat Discusses the Metrics Used in Measuring Success and Biggest Challenges Facing CDOs

State of Ohio Discusses the Role a CIO Plays in the State of Ohio, Modernization Efforts to Innovate Ohio, Top State-Wide Priorities, Plans for Ohio Regarding the Cloud, and How the Role of State CIO Will Change in the Future

State of Ohio Discusses the Success of Ohio's Voice-Over IP and Unified Communication Systems

2019 Bourbon & BowTie Bash

The Bourbon & BowTie Bash will celebrate its sixth year of mixing the best bourbon with the generosity of our community. The event includes bourbon, beer and wine tastings, light bites from local restaurants, live and silent auctions and a fashion show. Attendees have a great time with their friends and family while being charitable at the same time.

Strength In Numbers: Wealth Retention Through Diversification

You may have heard the old saying, “There is strength in numbers.” This is typically used when talking about how it is physically safer to be with a group than to be on your own. The saying also can be applied to the safety of your financial situation. In our practice we have seen great wealth created through investment in a single stock or privately-owned business. However, the same market forces that create wealth also reduce wealth. So, what’s the difference between a person that maintains the wealth once it has been earned and a person who doesn’t?

Primary Solutions for Managing Concentrated Stock Positions

In today’s world, it’s not unusual for an individual’s or family's wealth to be the result of one or two concentrated stocks having done particularly well throughout a lifetime. Executives and lifelong employees typically amass these sizeable positions via employee compensation (restricted stock, stock options, etc.), employee stock purchase plans, and IPOs. Additionally, family members of these individuals may have been gifted stock over the years, or may have inherited stock upon the death of parents, grandparents or other relatives. Despite these positions providing individuals and families with the aforementioned prosperity, concentrated positions also carry with them tremendous risks, some of which can deflate a portfolio in little or no time (think Enron or Lehman Brothers).

Open Enrollment & the Women's Soccer World Cup

The recent U.S. Women’s Soccer World Cup was certainly a moment that the players and the fans will never forget. Often, the passion of a fan can take over and they will celebrate a goal with just as much gusto as a player. While football (i.e. soccer) fans and players are not employed by the same company, if they were, they would be grouped together for purposes of life and disability insurance. This would hardly seem fair to the athletes, and yet that is what happens to some employees when it comes to their employee benefits.

An Eye for Answers No One Else Can See

Celebrating 30 years specializing in diagnostic imaging and reading more than a million scans, Stephen J. Pomeranz, M.D., is as devoted to interpreting an MRI today as he was when he and his wife, Penny Kereiakes Pomeranz, founded ProScan Imaging. In fact, the more challenging and “scratch-your-head” rare the case, the better.

True North Growth Partners Discusses Macro-Trends, Advice for Business Professionals Working Alongside IT Professionals, and Cool Things That Have Happened in IT Throughout Central Ohio

New Leadership at Art Academy of Cincinnati

As a boy in Baltimore, Joe Girandola learned about form and function by disassembling toasters, washing machines and dishwashers, marveling at the materials and the way they worked together and then reassembling these objects. His parents sanctioned that precarious practice, insisting only that he journal each step in the process to document his understanding and create guidance for that all-important reassembly finale.

American Municipal Power Inc. Discusses the Types of Technology Disruption the Electric Utility Industry is Facing Right Now, Biggest Challenges and Contributions to the Industry, and Gives Advice to New and Future Technology Leaders

Meet the Bengals’ Spiritual Signal Caller

An average week for LaMorris Crawford is not unlike that of any other preacher. He performs chapel services, baptisms and weddings, conducts marriage counseling, Bible studies and prayer groups. It’s just that his “church” is in the locker rooms and practice fields at Paul Brown Stadium and in the homes of Cincinnati Bengals players.

Something for Everyone

This fall, to build a different culture into the store, Stafford Jewelers, a Cincinnati-based, family-owned business, is introducing several big designer brands. For instance, Nanis is a unique line from Italy – all hand-etched, 18-karat yellow gold pieces.

2019 OHIOana Library's 90th Anniversary Event

The OHIOana Library celebrates its 90th Anniversary at the Cincinnati Club on September 22nd, 2019.

Super Support Carries the Day

The Art & Science of Managed IT Services

Providing 24/7 IT Peace of Mind

Refurbished IT Solutions Focus on Environmental Stewardship

Step into a New Season of Self-Confidence

Summer has once again melted away and busy school routines are falling into place. Rest assured, however, that the services offered at Dermatology and Skin Care Associates in Mason are far from routine. The staff is enthusiastic about bringing realistic, mildly invasive options to busy parents. Practical, affordable, and beautiful results with minimal downtime are precisely what is wanted and needed.

2019 ComSpark Gallery 1

2019 ComSpark Gallery 2

2019 ComSpark Gallery 3

Columbus Zoo – Technology Safari – Call For Support

COTA Launches Connector Mobile Payment Option

2 Teens Arrested Over Claims They Hacked into Met Police Website & Posted Bizarre Messages

Portugal Raises Concerns About the Risks Facebook’s Libra Could Pose For Financial Systems

Uber Moves into Grocery Delivery Service After Acquiring Cornershop

Is Amazon’s Growth Impossible to Stop?

Visually Impaired People Using Google Maps Now Have Voice Guidance

Apple Patches Zero-Day Flaw in iTune App for Windows

Build a Career in Entrepreneurship Without Job Hunting or Grad School Debt

WhatsApp Returns to Google Play After Mysterious Vanishing

Is Mara Group the First Company to Release a Phone Entirely Made in Africa?

CuriosityStream is a New Service That Offers Documentaries on Life, the Universe & Everything

Gary Vaynerchuck Discusses His Thoughts on the Current Digital Landscape

What is E-Racing &. Should ‘Digital Dopers’ Get Banned Online & in the Real World?

Oppo Reno 2 Camera is All Polish & Poise

Dayton Children's Hospital Discusses Emerging Technologies to Be Excited About and How They Will Be Effective, How Dayton Children's Hospital is Differentiating Itself From Other Hospitals, and Biggest Influencers in Making Decisions

Caserta Discusses How the Concept of Infonomics Originated and Examples of How CDOs Have Benefited From Infonomics

U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Discusses the Biggest Challenges Being the Deputy CDO, What Cultural Changes in Data Mean, and a Future Vision For Data

'Party for a Cause' Another Successful Rockin' Event

The region’s largest “Party for a Cause” was held alongside the annual Labor Day fireworks on the Ohio River September 1. Rockin’ at Riverfest is the largest annual fundraiser for The Children’s Home. It fuels the 30 programs provided by the organization that served 14,273 children and families just last year. The event consists of a gala, live and silent auction, premiere fireworks viewing and live entertainment.

David is Running

David Corfman is a runner. It’s important that you know that. From his first marathon in 1996 to winning the Potawatomi 200-mile trail race in 2017, David has built a track record of accomplishment and perseverance.

Insurance Startup Branch Launches SafetyNest to Help the Uninsured Get the Help They Need

JPMorgan Chase is Giving $1M to Columbus State to Bolster the Region’s Tech Pipeline

Should TikTok be Investigated for Censorship?

Apple Removes Crowdsourced Mapping App Used During Hong Kong Protests

Play Local Multiplayer Games Over the Internet Using Steam

Does Facebook Follow the First Amendment?

Top Bitcoin News & Trends from Satoshi Nakaboto

Gmail & Google Maps Are About to Join the Dark Mode Side

Use Natural Link Syndication to Your Advantage When Promoting Web Content

Visually Impaired People Are Getting a Chance to Enjoy Memes

French Tobacconists Get 2nd Chance to Sell Once-Suspended Bitcoin Coupons

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Wins $3M Legal Dispute & Obtains Ownership of Website

Weigh Willy: Drones Can Unobtrusively Determine a Whale’s Weight

Australia’s Perth Mint Launches Gold-Backed Ethereum Token

DxOMark Introduces Audio Score for Phones’ Recording & Playback Capabilities

Tecomet Discusses the Most Exciting Disruptive Technologies, Affecting Changes in Technology Through Teams and Businesses, How Worried People Should Be About Data-Hacking and Involvement with Technology First

Montgomery County Discusses Cybersecurity Initiatives, Strategies Using Cloud Security, Encouraging Teamwork and Supporting Public Access

Pella Windows Event Gallery

On October 3rd, Pella Windows hosted an open house for all of the leading influencers in architecture & design in Cincinnati.

Alleviate the Agony of Waiting

Sitting at my kitchen counter, I ate my warm oatmeal and pondered the topic: waiting. My friend’s dilemma related to her professional life, and mine touched my personal life. As we encouraged each other back and forth with our text messages, I realized that she and I are not alone. Waiting for something or someone seems to perpetually command a placeholder in our lives.

Growing, Achieving, Enhancing: An Exciting New School Year Begins

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) enrollment continues to grow and is projected to hit 36,282 for the 2019-2020 school year. “That’s 458 more students than the previous school year,” says Sarah Trimble-Oliver, the district’s chief information officer.

Ikove Capital Going After ‘Huge Undeveloped Potential’ in Midwest

CAS, Nationwide & Gathi Analytics Awarded ‘Box’ Award for Excellence in Advanced Analytics

The Latest Releases from Apple Arcade

Siri Integration Puts Spotify on More Equal Footing with Apple Music

Rent Speakers Using Sonos’ New Service

Supreme Court Says No To University of Wisconsin’s Appeal in Patent Fight with Apple

SoftBank CEO is ‘Embarrassed & Flustered’ By Track Record

Step-by-Step Guide to Hide What You’re Listening to on Spotify

Some Hospitals Pay Hackers Requested Ransom to Survive Attacks

EU Regulators Plans to Grill Facebook Over Libra After PayPal Pulls Its Backing

UK’s New Chocolate Bar Contains Redeemable Blockchain-Based Token

Flow App Aims to Help People Struggling with Mental Health Issues

California is Making Deepfake Videos Illegal

Global Exchanges Begging UK’s FCA Not to Ban Sale of Cryptocurrency-Based Derivatives

Is Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, Libra, Going to Miss Its Launch Date?

City of Kettering Discusses Challenges in Local Government That Require Innovative Solutions, Balancing the Needs of Government, Business, and Technology and Specific Areas of Technology That People Should Be Focusing On

Heidelberg Distributing Company Discusses the Vision of IT and How it Aligns with Business, How Technology May Change the Basis of Competition Between Businesses, and Translating Ideas into Technology Terms

U.S. Venture Inc. Discusses Measuring Success - How Often and Using Which Metrics, Surprising Discoveries in Data, and the Allure of Data

Pfizer Discusses the Biggest Challenges Facing Chief Data Officers, Data Literacy, Educating Organization Leaders to Help Them Understand the Power of Data, and What Data Has in Store For the Future

Central Ohio Intelligence Automation Community Kickoff