All IT Services Anywhere You Are

Photo by Jon Keeling


Providing support and solving tech problems so companies can focus on their business is what Flexential is known for. With 41 data centers spread out over 21 U.S. markets and a 100 gigabit-per-second private network backbone, Flexential securely connects its customers – in Cincinnati and across the US – to the information they need wherever they are.


“Our network services and large number of data centers are really the differentiator,” says Tim Parker, vice president of network strategy. “We also provide our clients with cloud solutions that fit their company like application, storage, backup and database services.”

In July 2018, Flexential Cincinnati introduced a new platform that conveniently combines all of their services.

“Our goal for FlexAnywhere was to make it easy and make it fast,” explains Parker. “Instead of logging into multiple services, FlexAnywhere allows us to bring all of our products to clients with just a single click.

“We already made things easier for our customers with our ability to be a one-stop service provider. We provide their internet connection, their secure cloud-based platform , compute, storage , and data protection, so they don’t have to worry about compatibility between different companies and services or worry about various taxes when it comes to billing. Now we’ve further improved and streamlined our services with FlexAnywhere.

“Our colocation and carrier hotel services get our clients the programs and information they need. And we get those services to you quickly so a carrier hotel that is on the other side of the country will get you that information as if it’s in right in your office. Our virtual cross-connects increase our carrier presence. For example, AT&T connectivity in Vegas. Our clients there can use our cross-connect to AT&T in Los Angeles in order to avoid going through a local carrier. It really saves them a lot of money.”

While making it easy to connect clients to their businesses, Flexential Cincinnati wants data security to be just as simple.

“Clients don’t need to call and let us know if they see something suspicious because we would have already found it and taken care of it,” says Parker. “Last year, we mitigated over 150 Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks at a 100-percent success rate – all without our clients knowing it was happening. Our automated DDOS scrubbing services handle the attacks without human intervention. We send the customers a ticket the next morning letting them know they were attacked, they were protected, and they have nothing to worry about.

“We have many clients that work in the healthcare industry that need to know their patients’ sensitive medical records are secure. We work hard with them to be sure they are compliant with standards and regulations that seem to always be changing. This way, our clients can keep their good reputations intact and avoid any financial penalties for not being compliant.”

Flexential Cincinnati meets with each potential client in order to best assess the technology needs of each unique business.

“Our local executives meet with the businesses to learn about their particular challenges and goals,” explains Parker. “We also invite our clients to tour our data center, meet our team and see who we are.”

Parker and his team recently took on a company that has two main offices in Oregon and Texas with branch offices across the United States.

“As they grew and opened up more offices in different states, we moved specific workloads to the cloud,” says Parker. “We connected their main compute deployments with a 1 gigabit-per-second connection and they soon realized that it made financial sense to cancel all of their other IP bandwidth because we provided all of the services they needed in one place.

“They also admitted that their IT department wasn’t savvy enough to manage the day-to-day connectivity and needed them to focus on supporting their team and customers instead.”

Another client knew they needed to throw out their outdated system, but wanted to ease into the new changes.

“This healthcare company had an aging infrastructure and wanted to move away from managing their own data center,” says Parker. “When we showed them how it was possible to keep records secure while using our private, HIPAA compliant cloud, they didn’t know such technology even existed. We took on the burden of complying with all confidentiality protocol and regulations, so they don’t have to worry about leaks or breaches.

“They also wanted to be sure their staff had time to adjust to the new system, so we are honoring their timeline of two years to gradually roll out our services instead of doing everything immediately.”

Flexential Cincinnati has over 4,400 customers across the country, including Cincinnati.

“Even though we are busy building networks and virtual cross-connects, from the client’s standpoint, everything is just one hop away,” says Parker. “And everything is fast.”


Flexential Cincinnati is located at 5307 Muhlhauser Road, Hamilton, OH 45011. For more information, call 866.473.2510 or visit