A Technology Partnership That Manages Growth & Keeps the Competitive Edge

Gaby Batshoun, GBS cofounder and president, and Kevin Armour, CIO and VP of technology at Health Carousel

Photography by Ali Wolfe


In a fast-growing business, a technology infrastructure that enhances swift, efficient worker training and on-boarding is critical to be able to continue competing at a high level within a challenging field.

Building a digital infrastructure from the ground up that empowers a company’s growth was the “mission accomplished” by Global Business  Solutions, Inc. (GBS) when it partnered more than 10 years ago with Health Carousel, one of the fastest growing nurse staffing firms in the country.

GBS, the area’s only fully integrated technology solutions provider, with a team of engineers with over 300 years of combined experience, was able to use technology to permit Health Carousel to maintain its competitive advantage, even as the firm grew in employees, met increased staffing demands and expanded to five office locations in the last couple of years.   

In 2016, Health Carousel expanded to a 17,500 -square-foot office in Rookwood Tower, even outgrowing that new space as it moved in, quickly opening two more offices in Norwood, one in Miamisburg and acquiring a staffing firm in Columbus.

GBS was asked to provide seamless connectivity between the five locations along with state-of-the-art audio/video systems in conference rooms and small theaters holding 15-100 employees.

“Our training and on-boarding classes are ongoing with multiple sessions,” says Kevin Armour, CIO and VP of technology at Health Carousel. “We also needed someone to do the infrastructure, the cabling through all new spaces to the server rooms and work spaces, along with network switches and security appliances. Our solution needed was to have full audio/video capability in place through five office locations.”

GBS partners with business, government and education institutions specializing in a holistic expertise across the IT and digital landscape with a suite of technologies that includes Managed IT Services, IT & IoT Solutions, Unified Communications, Design & Consulting along with Audio/Video and Cabling Solutions.

“Since 1995, our mission remains unchanged - we accelerate business results through design, deployment and management of integrated technologies,” says Gaby Batshoun, GBS cofounder and president. “With Health Carousel, we were able to give them a competitive advantage. Our partnership allowed them to do what they do best – recruit, train and on-board health care recruiting professionals.”

In the health staffing field, recruiting is the key, says Armour, to find nurses willing to work throughout the U.S. on travel assignments. Efficient recruiting and training for its employees is an ongoing enterprise.

“We’ve been able to do a lot of different things with the easy connectivity GBS provided,” says Armour. “It definitely makes presentations easier to do. We have no connectivity challenges now – in our business you can’t have issues getting a monitor to fire up and connect to PowerPoint or our custom applications.”


Plug ’n’ Play

Batshoun says it was important that AV training rooms provided hassle-free connectivity.  “One of the keys to that is to have conference rooms so personal devices can get on a guest network or corporate network that can easily connect everywhere in the facility.”

For example, Batshoun says the Health Carousel AV systems were designed to work flawlessly no matter what device was plugged in for a presentation, whether it be an iMac, PC or notebook.

“Our systems are programmed so they understand the resolution on any device. It’s all done in the background. It’s seamless to the end users,” says Batshoun. “There are less calls to the IT department to figure out why the image on the screen looks different than on the computer.”

Batshoun says all systems are customized for the client. “The devices basically come with nothing on them. We build the programs from scratch based on the customer’s needs. We consider what presets they want, what devices are likely to be used and how much access they want to a full-fledged control system.”


Little Touches Can Make a Difference

Several people can desire input to training sessions. So, GBS gave Health Carousel employees the ability to switch between multiple devices on a table at an AV presentation. “You can even divide the screen into different quadrants so multiple presentations can be shown at the same time,” says Batshoun.

In a work space in the Miamisburg office, a partition can be closed to divide a room, yet still retain separate AV systems and controls for the two smaller rooms.

“It’s a great example of how AV technology can be used for what Health Carousel wants to do, which is train, prepare and recruit. It was a first-class approach to allow them to be their best.”



Health Carousel had been expanding at a phenomenal rate since its founding in 2004, now with 1,700 nurses in the field and over 400 internal employees. It has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in Cincinnati and one of the fastest growing staffing firms in the country.

Armour says the GBS partnership provided seamless connectivity between its five Ohio locations, as well as keeping up with the company’s needs during its incredible growth spurt.

“That full, wide-area connectivity between offices is really nice,” he says. “Armour says. “GBS’s responsiveness has been outstanding. We were going through rapid growth and needed a lot of changes. They worked with us and got things done in a timely manner. With our growth, time lines changed a lot, and they stepped up with what needed to get done in order to get us into the various offices.”


GBS is located at 916 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41071. For more information, call 859.491.5900 or visit www.gbs-inc.com.