Supporting Infrastructure and Mission-Critical Applications - Ken Keim, Director of Finance and Information Technology in West Chester Township


Ken Keim

Director of Finance and Information Technology | West Chester Township


Directing the financial activity, budgeting, reporting and compliance in a busy business and residential township with many constituencies and regulatory constraints would certainly seem to be enough responsibility for one person. In West Chester Township, however, Ken Keim also oversees information technology with daily support from Operations Manager Dennis Dick. A CPA and financial professional by training, Keim has had exposure to IT management at previous positions and appreciates the valuable contribution IT staff bring in support of an organization’s operation and growth.

Keim manages a staff of four professionals who support infrastructure and mission-critical applications. Perhaps the highest priority application is West Chester’s public safety system, which provides 911 services to community residents and directs the response and movement of police, EMTs and firefighters (80 percent of township employees).

Increased transparency is a goal of municipalities today as these organizations are pressured to justify their actions and spending. Keim is proud of West Chester Township’s ongoing initiative to extend greater transparency to the West Chester community. Following the lead of the Ohio Treasurer’s office, West Chester Township’s “Checkbook,” the transactional details of its spending and revenue collections in all categories will be available online this fall. By the end of the year, multiple data sources to make information related to police and fire services, building permits and more will also be readily available to external audiences from the Township’s website.

Keim has great confidence in West Chester’s information technology team and makes sure his staff is appreciated and valued. Cost containment and efficiencies are constant realities in a local government organization and it is important to promote and recognize the people who provide and support technology and their contribution to the organization and the community.