Super Support Carries the Day

Seated Left to Right: Brandi Krummen and Lauri Goodwin. Standing: Nick Enger, Clayton Connor, Brady Menegay, Louie Hollmeyer, David Goodwin and Doug Neiheisel.

Catie Viox


When there’s something strange in your neighborhood–or your IT network–who you gonna call?

Well, it might not be Ghostbusters. But in the complex, multi-vendor, technology-dependent environment where your enterprise resides–and which provides connectivity to your customers and supply chain–you need a reliable source of support. You need someone who knows and understands your network and its mix of services and technology, not to mention a possible mix of carriers.

The telecom industry sector, however, is among the lowest-ranked in terms of customer service, according to David Goodwin, co-founder and managing partner at Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC).

A more dependable alternative is ATC’s Super Support™. ATC is an independent IT consulting firm that provides an extra layer of service and support above and beyond the service provider. ATC acts as a single point of contact for service and support, taking ownership of issues that surface, sorting out responsibility among multiple sources and
service providers, and working with those parties to drive timely resolution.

ATC has grown rapidly over recent years with 2018 being its sixth consecutive record year, and 2019 likely it’s seventh. Goodwin’s vision led to a change in direction at ATC from the early days as a “broker” of traditional telecom services to a strategic IT consulting firm today, squarely at the forefront of the technology evolution.

ATC has, Goodwin notes, uniquely positioned itself as a go-to advisor and solution identifier for complex IT decisions. Key to establishing that position is ATC’s focus on client relations and not on transactional deals. The award-winning team has a culture grounded in attention to detail. Each relationship begins by developing a deep understanding of an organization’s IT environment, goals, and objectives. The team learns and documents the existing services and systems.

“We know your account, your circuit numbers, your carrier contracts in great detail,” says Nick Enger, ATC’s CTO and senior IT consultant. Before proposing direction, ATC wants to understand how the technology you are using can optimize and make your company more effective and efficient.

That information, gathered through detailed assessments and audits, provides the foundation for ATC’s ability to offer and provide Super Support for clients once a project has been designed, negotiated and implemented.

ATC Adds Client Support Staff

Super Support services have been well-received by ATC’s client base. To provide this added layer of support, ATC has expanded via the addition of staff and communication capabilities. Junior Consultants with academic credentials and “support” experience in the field of customer service were added to the ATC team on July 1. And, ATC now has a dedicated email ( and phone number (513-323-8000) for these support services.

Mentored by ATC’s senior staff and armed with detailed documentation and client profiles, the support staff brings responsiveness, a sense of responsibility, and ownership to drive problem resolution. The additional staff is also getting exposed to the broad array of ATC specialties, including VoIP, unified communications, SD-WAN, bandwidth, cloud computing and cyber security.

“The Junior Consultants are already putting senior staff through their paces,” says Clayton Connor, senior consultant and ATC’s CAO. “Teaching is the best way to hone your skills.”

Super Support has added a new level of depth within the company. Louie Hollmeyer, ATC director of marketing, quotes a client testimonial: “You came highly recommended by two parties, and I stayed because of the service.”

Internally, ATC’s senior consultants now have time to focus on complex strategic projects and new market areas.

By guiding technology investment, ATC has helped mid-market and enterprise businesses, and municipalities become regional and national leaders within their industry segments. “ATC seeks out companies who are looking to leverage IT as a competitive differentiator. When we find that type of company–a “style match” per se–we provide a lot more value,”
Hollmeyer says.

ATC’s work with clients has led not just to company success but to industry accolades.

“We don’t put much stock in accolades awarding growth. We do value recognition by independent third parties who validate our value, credibility and worth, and that we are who we say we are,” Goodwin notes, referring to ATC’s recent awards for Consultant of the Year and Next-Gen Telecom in recognition of being an IT consultant that delivers stellar business outcomes on behalf of clients.


Once long ago, hotels and other hospitality businesses had fairly simple needs when it came to technology–wake up calls, room-to-room dialing, summoning the car from valet, etc. But anyone who’s spent time in a hotel room recently knows that the role of technology in hospitality has drastically changed…and expanded.

ATC has become a leading player in the hospitality segment, providing telecom and IT consulting services and Super Support to major hotel management firms, including an organization with approximately 60 hotel properties nationwide. Major brands represented include Marriott, Hilton, IHG and Hyatt.

Hospitality technology needs and services now include phone systems, TV, streaming and casting services, bluetooth connectivity, auto check-in and check-out, room access, Wi-Fi, Internet, IoT, security, cameras, guest support, convergence of fixed and mobile devices, and massive conference and AV support. Not to mention “connected room” technology, which gives guests the ability to control the temperature, lights, TV and more from their mobile device or the TV remote. Some applications also allow guests to check in and enter their room with a mobile device–no checking in at the front desk required.

The use cases for technology in hospitality expand every year, and savvy hospitality businesses are working with ATC to transform the guest experience and drive overall guest satisfaction.

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