Providing 24/7 IT Peace of Mind

Jon Keeling


How will my business be impacted if my servers go down? How vulnerable to an internal or external attack is our confidential information? Is our data truly safe?

If these and other unnerving yet valid concerns are keeping you awake at night, partnering with RoundTower as your managed services provider will lessen your worries because they handle the heavy IT lifting while you focus on meeting your customers’ needs.

“We provide peace of mind; comfort that someone always has their eyes on your environment, and maintaining it,” says Michael Swiencki, RoundTower’s director of managed services. “We’re not being pulled in several directions, which can result in decreased maintenance operations issues like increased amounts of downtime or increased vulnerabilities within your environment.”

Or, perhaps you’re in the midst of changing technologies, and you’re experiencing negative downstream effects because you don’t have the proper change control processes in place.

“When we say RoundTower sells peace of mind-as-a-service, we mean our customers are leveraging a mature, ITIL-based operating model that can linearly scale with them as they grow as an organization and as they change technologies.”

Take subscribing to a new cloud service, for example – a simple process these days. Or so it seems.

“Basically, it’s three clicks and suddenly you have something new deployed, but it gets complicated quickly,” Swiencki notes. “What we provide is that maturity and expertise, the tenure, if you will, in regard to being able to manage those complicated types of demands. Our main objective overall, our platform, is to ensure customers are focused on their business outcomes. They’re not in the business of IT. We are. That’s our job. That’s our purpose.

“In everything we offer – from our consulting services and the assessments we perform for organizations through technology deployment, migrations, providing new technologies, refreshing existing technologies, and managed services – we focus on each customer’s business and what makes them successful with their clients and customers. We focus on doing our job, which, essentially, allows them to do theirs.”

Depth of Experience You Can Count On

Swiencki joined the RoundTower Managed Services team four years ago, bringing with him his 15-year background in consulting and corporate IT. When he started in IT, he recalls, the term “managed services” wasn’t prevalent, if it even existed.

“It was more about a break-fix type of support back then; a very reactive support model – let’s get these services up and running for our end-users. There was not a lot of concern around security. It wasn’t as big a risk for organizations in the early 2000s as it is now. Businesses had no idea they had to secure their boundaries within their environments – the bad guys were always on the outside. It’s very different now. Targets are more individualized.

“Now the ‘bad guys’ are targeting somebody specific within an organization that can gain them entry into an organization, whether it’s through a phishing email or a spear fishing
attack. “Merely clicking on a link to open a Word or Excel document can launch a macro to gain usernames and passwords,” he notes.

Swiencki says he joined the RoundTower team because of the company’s depth of experience and capabilities, and because of the culture.

“Our mantra is to serve our customers, to be that partner that is focused on customer service and customer satisfaction. That was my foundation, that was how I was raised as a person and how I believe an organization like RoundTower should operate in order to be successful.”

RoundTower is not focused on ERP’s or CRMs, he points out.  “We know what we do well, and the space that we play. When we don’t offer a native service for a specific area or discipline, we pull in the necessary, trusted partners if and when those are the issues at hand. And we are fully transparent when we bring in a partner. It’s always someone we have an existing relationship with, someone we fully trust, someone we are comfortable with when bringing them to the table to represent RoundTower.”

People, process, technology – while those three focal points of a Managed Service may not be unique to RoundTower, what RoundTower does for their customers within those categories is what differentiates this managed services provider from the others.

1. People

“Not only do we provide a full Tier 1 through 4 delivery model, we also have the technological expertise and senior engineering levels so that we can handle every issue that comes in,” Swiencki says. “And, if we can’t, we have multiple escalation models, so we can go to the greater RoundTower platform, which includes consulting and professional services, or we can go directly to our vendors, giving us a lot of leverage for our customers.”

2. Process

“We focus a tremendous amount of time making sure we are doing things efficiently for our organizations, not causing downtimes or outages for them, but focusing on stabilization and continuous services improvement,” he continues. “There has not been one customer we’ve onboarded where we have not had the opportunity to improve their processes or system stability. For example, at RoundTower, we give our customers the visibility into what a change is going to do, when it’s going to happen, and we provide the proper communication going out about that change.”

3. Technology

RoundTower partners with several different SaaS based automation and management tools to help deliver their services. “We’re not reliant on the physical building we are in right now, but we have the accommodations to stay up and running in case of a disaster,” Swiencki explains. “We have generators and other devices that allow us the capability of maintaining operations even if there is no power. However, our service recovery abilities and our selection in resilient tools allow RoundTower to exist throughout the world.”

Beyond Best Practices

RoundTower opened its doors in 2007 and has continuously grown and expanded since. When Swiencki joined RoundTower four years ago, the company had about 175 employees. Today, there are about 450 employees. RoundTower’s Managed Services had 35 employees, compared to 120 today.

“It’s not just what we do, but how and why,”Swiencki says. “It’s how we give each of our customers peace of mind, and it’s all based on our charter – to provide our customers with the highest level of excellence in service. We learn our customers’ businesses; we learn about their systems and what is important to their customers. Because of our focus and the level of attention we give our customers, the experience they receive with RoundTower is more in alignment with what they truly need for their particular operations and technology deployment, versus a generic response based on, ‘Well, best practices are…’ It’s a true partner relationship. We determine how we can complement each other in that relationship and how we can help them deliver what they are looking to accomplish.”

According to Swiencki, the overall key to RoundTower’s success is that the company is committed to becoming an extension of each its customers’ team. “We focus on our customer’s business outcomes, thereby providing that priceless peace of mind that assures them their systems are operational, maintained and secure 24/7/365.”

RoundTower is headquartered at 5905 E Galbraith Road, Third Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45236. For more information, visit