Professional Assistance In Technology, With a Focus On the Human Being

Jeremy Florea, President and Founder of Stafford Technology

Photo provided by Stafford Technology


In a business landscape steeped in screens, artificial intelligence and impersonal error messages, Stafford Technology – a boutique IT staffing consultancy and recruiting firm, based in Columbus, Ohio – has made it their goal to be a client-facing, human-oriented organization.


“In a simple manner, we are the company behind great people,” says Jeremy Florea, the President and Founder of Stafford Technology. “We do a great job of getting our clients the type of service they need, and a little extra TLC that lets them know that they are unique and appreciated.”

Florea’s company has served over 100 organizations, and placed nearly 400 workers in IT consulting, recruiting, and staffing roles – from full-time work to project-based opportunities.

“We partner up with IT managers and recruiting staff who are looking to hire,” Florea says. “And, we do a very good job of clarifying and uncovering what it is that they want and they need, relaying that to the professionals that we work with, and make a great match.”

The “clarifying and uncovering” aspect is a big part of Stafford’s role when approached by companies. Florea explained that as people succeed in their roles at companies, they are promoted to positions of higher responsibility. Often, these promoted leaders may not have training in or time for some of the technological areas that they inherit responsibility over. So, Stafford brings their experience and knowledge to the table in order to bring in the correct resources for success.

“Your outcomes are going to be much greater when you know exactly what you are trying to do. We help our clients define that. We help them put together a plan,” Florea says. “Our clients are left in a better spot, so that going forward – whether it is with us or on their own – they are able to better articulate and define what it is they want, why they need it, how they need it and what success looks like.”

Florea founded this company after 15 years in the IT staffing and services industry. He found that, within the IT industry, it is difficult both to find the resources you need as a client, and to look for work as an IT specialist.

So, in the same way that his company helps clients define what they need, Stafford works with professionals in the field and people coming out of college to help them interview and look for jobs. Stafford is an altruistic middle-man serving people’s IT needs on both sides of the coin.

“I knew this was an industry I was very passionate about and very much enjoyed,” Florea says. “And, I also knew it was an industry that I could make a long-lasting, very positive footprint within.”


Stafford Technology is located at 400 West Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 130 Worthington, OH 43085. To learn more, call 614.973.6027 or visit