Mobile Device & Data Consumption is Exploding but Budgets Don't Have To


We can all agree that mobility has become a necessity in today’s business environment. We can probably also agree that providing smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi cards to employees comes at a price, often a steep one. The growing number of IoT and connected devices only makes cost control more difficult.

Analyst firm Forrester, in a recent survey of 303 business decision makers, found that that 90% of enterprises ended up with overage charges on their bills each year. Lacking real-time usage tracking and visibility during billing cycles, businesses often resort to billing disputes to try to adjust their bills, causing a time-consuming headache for both the Enterprise’s admin team and their service providers. Additionally, some companies are paying for services that they never use. Nearly 20 percent of those surveyed indicated that they were billed for unused corporate-owned devices or feature packages.

According to Forrester, corporate mobile subscriptions and overages generally take up one third to one half of an organization's mobility budget. Much of the rest is devoted to staff tasked with managing mobile device environments that can number in the thousands, along with subscriptions to managed mobility services and telecom expense management tools meant to keep costs in check.

These issues highlight the fact that mobility management has evolved into something much more than just analyzing monthly invoices. Increases in data consumption by users, constant changes in available carrier plans and innovations in available devices are just some of the variables that must be continually monitored. Using the traditional manual processes each month to collect and review bill data, compile reports, track device inventories and procurement and interact with service providers is no longer an effective way to manage the life-cycle of an Enterprise’s mobility environment.  Mobility Management today must be daily, not monthly, and manual processes must be supplemented – or even replaced – with automation. This translates into managing in real-time versus a month in arrears.

With my clients, I use a cost optimization and life-cycle management platform that combines integration, automation and patented optimization technology to deliver unparalleled savings and unprecedented efficiency. This platform proactively manages all processes to reduce time-consuming activities including inventory tracking, device procurement, carrier negotiation and service moves, adds and changes. The portal for this platform puts the power of technology in the hands of clients with an easy-to-use interface to simplify administration, while providing enterprise-level reporting and insight down to the individual line level.

For more information on how this patented, algorithm-driven software significantly reduces both hard dollar costs and soft dollar costs related to mobility, please call me at 513-323-1122 or visit to learn more.

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