Local Nonprofit Needs Laptop Donations from Business Community


Cincinnati Computer Cooperative Nonprofit helped get students laptops for Back to School. Now they need businesses to help them replenish their inventory.

All over Cincinnati, thousands of students have finished their ice cream cones, parked their bikes, forsaken the joys of summer and gone back to school. Many of them carried a laptop from the Cincinnati Computer Cooperative in their backpacks. They knew this Woodlawn nonprofit has low cost, guaranteed refurbished computers for students and those in need. “People are becoming more aware of us,” said Frank Adams, Executive Director.  “We’ve had a flood of students this year. Now we need businesses to donate their decommissioned laptops so we can keep helping these kids.”

The Cooperative accepts gently used laptops from businesses, refurbishes them and installs free Microsoft Office software.  Then they sell the computers starting at $150 including software. The price, along with the one year guarantee, makes these laptops very popular. “We’re not at the point where the shelves are bare. Students can still get laptops, but our supply is lower than I’ve seen it in the last ten years,” said Adams. “We definitely need help now from the business community.”

Most companies consider a variety of options when they retire equipment, but often they’re happy to donate and help schoolkids. The Cooperative makes it easy: they pick up business donations for free, wipe all data securely and work hard to get computers into schools.

Because businesses often donate large quantities of identical machines, the Cooperative can refurbish and reconfigure them quickly. Previous donations have come from a large insurance company (500 laptops), an international engineering firm (160 laptops and 200 desktop computers), a large regional university and a community bank, (over 300 laptops each). Donations from all sizes of businesses are welcome. Call 513.771.3262

In addition to helping students, the Cooperative also sells to those over 55, on any form of public assistance, schools and nonprofits. All systems start at $150 and include MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), antivirus and a 1 year guarantee. Pre-installed programs mean the systems work from the moment they’re turned on. Hours to come and buy a computer are Tu., Th., Fri. 3-7 pm, Wed. 3-9 pm and Sat. 9-noon.

If you would like more information, please call Frank Adams, Executive Director at (513) 771-3262, email fadams@cincinnaticomputercooperative.org or visit http://www.cincinnaticomputercooperative.org/ .