Jeff Wilkins: The Father of the Commercialization of the Internet

Jeff Wilkins, Founder and CEO of CompuServe


In our current age of instant access to information, it’s easy to forget that the internet hasn’t been around for long. The World Wide Web originally came about in 1990, less than 30 years ago. Amazon was established in 1994, and Google in 1998. But before there was Amazon or eBay, Jeff Wilkins was changing the way we use the internet. Wilkins’ innovation in eCommerce has changed the face of not only American buyers, but consumerism around the world.


As Founder and CEO of CompuServe for 15 years, Wilkins played a large part in shaping the way we view the internet and online services.  As CompuServe’s leader, he initiated the global emergence of online information services to personal computer owners and other businesses, including a nationwide telecommunications network for data transmission, the first full-service electronic mail system for business, and custom computer application services to organizations in a variety of markets and industries.

Originally founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1969, CompuServe was one of the first online consumer services. During the 1990s, CompuServe was one of the first companies to expand into Europe, and eventually became a global company. Today, Wilkins serves as CEO of Facilities Management eXpress, LLC., a growth-stage Software as a Service (SaaS) company, and Chairman of the Everhart Financial Group, an independent financial advisory firm. Since 2001, Wilkins has also served as managing partner of Wilkins Associates, a privately held investment management firm, which provides strategic management consulting services and advises on mergers and acquisitions for growth-oriented companies.

Online eCommerce services are a huge part of today’s consumer market, with Amazon pulling in almost $178 billion in 2017 alone, according to Statista. Online consumerism has completely changed the face of not only internet services, but the way we approach buying and selling in the global market, thanks in massive part to Wilkins’ leadership and innovation.

As an active community leader, Wilkins has served the boards of The Wellington School, TechColumbus, CIVIC, the Columbus Chamber, and the Center of Science
and Industry.


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