Bold Vision Founded to Connect IT Leaders Through Collaboration

Bruce Barnes, Founder of Bold Vision

Photo provided by Bold Vision


Bruce Barnes is the founder of Bold Vision, a senior consulting consortium of C-level executives focused on building an active and creative network of IT leaders devoted to sharing best practices, leveraging their strengths and perspectives, and raising the level of technical literacy within their own organizations.


Bold Vision springs from Barnes’ long career of achievement in many industry sectors, leveraging information technologies to advance the value objectives oforganizations and attain goals once thought unreachable.

Barnes is the first to admit that he stumbled his way into IT when the U.S. Army mistakenly misinterpreted his Ohio State University (OSU) degree in “comprehensive science” (CS) as “computer science.” With that, Barnes found himself quickly enrolled in a course to learn COBOL. That may have led to an uninspired and mediocre career, except that Barnes was, by nature, a self-described pathological networker. Early on in his quest to always learn more, he had discovered the value of surrounding himself with smart people and asking a lot of questions.

With that as a guiding methodology, Barnes rose within the IT ranks, becoming one of the country’s most noted CIOs.

While serving at OCLC in Columbus when the city was third in the world in the amount of information processed, Barnes was helping to build that global private network to carry such information, long before anyone would imagine how it all would be used. Through the breadth of his professional network, Barnes moved on to CIO positions in both healthcare and insurance.

Barnes relates how he learned to appreciate the “wisdom of crowds.” Whenever not having the answers to the many organizational, technical, tactical and strategic problems he faced, Barnes began assembling informal and formal collaboratives of executives with similar problems and challenges. As these collectives evolved, Barnes was able to distill the characteristics that most contributed to the individual success of their members.  These experiences and philosophies form the backbone of Bold Vision – future-focused, outcome-oriented, collaboration-driven and value-measured.

Bold Vision is also poised to extend its reach. Diversity of experience and environment will strengthen the enterprise and increase the value it can provide to clients.  Through its academic affiliations, including Barnes’ current faculty position at The Ohio State University, and its widely acclaimed CIO Solutions Gallery series, Bold Vision will provide top skills and core competencies needed to respond to today’s challenging business climate.


Bold Vision is located in Dublin, OH, 43017, PO Box 820. For more information, call 614.792.3822 or visit