A Well-Trained Virtual Team Spurs Real-Time Growth

Jon Keeling

Employing a virtual team in a different geography to manage a company’s technical services located across the United States may not be a new business approach, but Anil Rajadhyaksha, Managing Director at ITCube believes that his company, in its own way, has perfected the strategy. And the numbers support his premise.

Though a “very small team,” per Anil’s description, ITCube today is a $7 to $7.5 million full-service technology partner, with over 500 employees placed internationally. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, with its presence in the UK and India.

“We do not replace anyone in the U.S. We’re not replacing jobs here,” Anil emphasizes. “It’s all about our customer’s expansion in their strategies, and that’s where our growth happens.

“An international team must be an extremely knowledgeable group of people,” Anil continues. “They must have high quality and delivery standards and undergo intense training. And a company must have the right HR and talent retention policies to retain the best employees – we have created the best. Our virtual team has to be clever; they are sitting 10,000 miles away from our customers. They must grasp, understand and know what to do with our extensive knowledge base.”

Through ITCube, customers – whom Anil  and his global team consider and treat as partners — realize the benefits of quick turnaround and lower costs without stress and communication challenges. ITCube’s Relationship Managers work with customers in their geographies; with ITCube’s talented and expertly trained overseas Business Management Team providing consulting, design planning, transition and delivery services. ITCube responds quickly to customers’ changing needs without worrying about time zones.

Because ITCube serves customers in the Midwest, Texas and on the West Coast, Anil notes, there is no standard or “one-size-fits-all” solution. “So, an international team must adapt to each particular partner,” he says.

ITCube’s strong quality processes result in on-time delivery of within-budget technology and backoffice solutions with near-zero defect. Anil maintains that reliability is inseparable from quality for the success and growth of his company. “The difference between quality and reliability? Maintaining an excellent level of quality over time is reliability,” he says. “In our business, you have to be reliable every day, meaning you must produce that quality every day. What gets delivered from our office to our customers must be reliable every day, otherwise you can’t survive in this industry.”

When discussing the perpetual concern of how overseas partners could produce better deliverables than someone physically based in the U.S., Anil recalls two past examples where his clients were struggling with the lack of expert, stable resources when they needed them. “We proved ourselves to be such an integral part of both these clients’ workflows, that we have been their preferred supplier for more than half a decade, and have assisted them in everything from adapting to the changing technology to growing their foothold exponentially. Adaptability, efficiency and commitment — our three strong suits — are why one of our clients claims that she is our ‘cheerleader,’” Anil quips with a smile.

ITCube is located at 10999 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 134, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 614.484.0771 or 800.558.8709. Please visit www.itcube.net or www.cubeworksinc.com.